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February 19, 2015

if I had one hundred dollars...

Today is an age of subscription boxes. You can get all sorts of glittery baubles, chic clothes, or high end makeup. Basically, they are filled with a bunch of pretty but unnecessary things. Don't get me wrong, even though I have never signed up for a subscription box service I have read/watched my fair share of unboxing posts. They seem fun- like getting a scheduled surprise present in the mail!

Nonetheless, I find them kind of intimidating. I don't go through that much makeup and I have plenty of clothes and pieces of jewelry- I have this crazy image of getting hurried under a mountain of pretty doodads an whatchamacallits. But a monthly box that you need and could actually use up? Color me intrigued!

Dollar Shave Club is such a box! They'll deliver new razors to your door for as little as $1 a month ($3 with Shipping & Handling, but that's still pretty great). With these prices, you could save BIG- like, an extra $100 dollars in your wallet big!

I put some thought into what I'd want to do with an extra hundred buckaroos...

^preview of coming posts!^   

1) if I were being pragmatic, I could buy a snow blower to combat the snowpocalypse that is currently in the process of burying my city. Luckily, I live on campus, so I don't really have to worry about plowing/shoveling/being snowed in. So, I'd probably just buy a whole bunch of back leggings, because they're all I wear as bottoms anyways!

2) geeky knick knacks are my kryptonite. I could easily walk into Newbury Comics and drop $100 on the random-est stuff. Superhero shot glasses and coffee mugs? Fly those tiny capes into my cupboard! Wearable popular culture? Why yes, that is a Deadpool hoodie in my cart! CDs on CDs on CDs? My iTunes will finally stop revealing my middle school soul!
(but like, if I did get snowed in as a result of not having a snow blower, I could always fulfill this need through spending the $100 on geeky tea or fandom candles!)

3) most of my ideas seem to be feeding my various obsessions, so you know one of these options had to be cosmetics! Point me towards the lipstick queen website or set me loose in Lush or Sephora and that hundo would disappear right quick... but my smile about this turn of events would be so prettily colored!

4) Food delivery for days! Who wouldn't want the nibbles of the gods delivered right to their doorstep? Pizza or sushi or FROYO! I'd even be willing to share with the roomies- if that doesn't spell L-O-V-E I don't know what does!

5) books, books, books! Whether online or in a brick-and-mortar palace of learning, bookstores are where my heart and imagination soar- why wouldn't it be where my extra $100 soars away? I would be SUCH a happy camper if I could wander Trident bookstore on Newbury street with some cash to burn (I was just there to buy a signed first edition of Neil Garman's Trigger Warning and I was prepared to move in).
I could also happily blow that money on a scifi/fantasy collective that includes the volume of Writers to the Future that I reviewed (and a slew of other awesome titles!). While I would gladly spend my extra $100 for such a collection, luckily you can name your own price! This deal is only live for a limited time, so go pounce on it!

I am totally signing up for Dollar Shave Club once I run out of my old razor heads! What would you do with an extra $100?

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