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July 17, 2014

My Hollister Denim Story

Everyone has their favorite pair of jeans, right? The ones that are the perfect shade, the perfect length, and the perfect fit. You instantly feel more confident when you wiggle into them and they hug your legs exactly as you remembered and oh-so-flatteringly. I was lucky to find my perfect pair in a consigment shop in my freshman year of high school. I found them just as skinny jeans were blowing up in popularity. They were the deepest, most beautiful shade of indigo, they fit perfectly...and they were from Hollister!

Erin came over for a sleepover and helped me with this post! For some reason, all of my clothes seem to look better on her...

I remember being so confused when I saw the tag, as I had convinced myself that I'd outgrown the Southern California brand. Silly past self! But I took it in stride, paid for the jeans, and wore them -quite literally- to death. None of my other jeans fit as comfortably, or as flatteringly. They didn't have the same no-discomfort (even post food baby!) waistband, the memory of my curves even after wash cycles, and their pockets certainly didn't make my behind look as nice! I was sold for life. My bubble was popped this past fall (more than 4 years later! Talk about quality!) when the zipper broke on my go-to jeans. I despaired. I didn't think I'd ever be able to find another perfect pair- that kind of thing only happens once in a lifetime, right?

We were laughing our jeans off during this photoshoot! Taking pictures is always more fun with friends!

WRONG! Several-months-younger me made the smart decision to check out the Hollister website. I (we? I'm confusing myself...) found the pair most similar to my dearly departed denims, checked the same size, and added another pair to the cart for good measure! That other pair, while still skinny in style, was extremely light wash- almost the exact opposite of my original pair! Hollister has a veritable rainbow of jean washes and just as many rises and fits!

taking pictures at the beach doesn't hurt in the "fun" department, either!

I especially love the vintage inspiration that goes into Hollister jeans- since it means my fave will always be in stock!- but if you're more trend-focused, they always carry spot-on versions of their sturdy basics. Plus, the above mentioned rainbow means that there is a perfect pair of jeans for every shopper and every shopper's finicky mood! Feeling bold? Their crazy. on-trend babes are calling your name! Feeling classic? Grab some silhouettes like mine! Feeling laid-back? Grab a pair of boyfriend jeans and dress them up or down to your heart's content.

I miss my roommates so much during the summer, so it was a blast to hang out with Erin and show her our new house! Also, see what I mean about Hollister making behinds look nice?

Not only are Hollister jeans awesome (in a variety of different ways), they're also an awesome deal! What kind of blogging bud would I be if I didn't let you in on it? You can snag your own great fitting, great quality slacks at your nearest Hollister for a mere TWENTY BUCKS! If that isn't something to celebrate, I don't know what is!  any jeans in store for $20 (no longer valid, sorry darlings!)

^completely genuine shock^
despite having our toes in the water, we were NOT expecting the wave that soaked our hems!

See below for those soaked hems!

What's your favorite fit? Boyfriend, jean legging, super skinny, high rise super skinny, natural waist jegging, jegging, overall, skinny, or boot? (whew, that's quite the list!)

A HUGE thank you to one of my roommates and favorite people, Erin, for helping me with the photos in this post! As a sign of how much I love her, I let Erin borrow the aforementioned favorite jeans for our photoshoot- that, right there, is true friendship. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

P.S. this was supposed to be a sponsored post, but then my internet broke and I wasn't able to complete it on the socialspark timeline! But I had the pictures and the idea... so here's the post!

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