smilingrid: dancing through life (but specifically Erris)

February 23, 2015

dancing through life (but specifically Erris)

After learning more about folk Ireland at the museum and specifically about Erris from local ethnographers, we got to learn about a more active part of Irish folk traditions- Irish step dancing!

^we had an uneven number, so even our professor jumped in!^

Most of what we were taught was very simple, in and out, back and forth steps. Bur when you put that together with pairs and groupings of four that interweave and add the few bits of fancy footwork... whew, I think we're downright impressive!


Only a few of my friends took Irish step dancing lessons growing up, but i totally tried to imitate them whenever they were showing off the jumping and skipping fun! I'm not sure if my actually learning the steps looked any better than just pretending... but both are equally fun!

The only type of dance I have gotten even slightly proficient at is swing dancing, so the multiple types of Irish dancing I learned while abroad (one was part of my class! My friend called it our "how to be a leprechaun" course) were simultaneously very challenging and very fun.

All I can really say is "go team!" It's great to be part of a group that will unreservedly jump into a completely new environment- most of us made fools of ourselves, but had an absolute blast doing so!

two thumbs up for Irish step!

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