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June 06, 2013

Adagio Teas

(My roommate's going to laugh if she sees this; when I first found this website, I gushed to her about how cool it was very enthusiastically.) 

I drink a lot of caffeine. I love coffee, especially in the morning, but there is just something special about tea. It was also much easier to have at school, where I didn't have a coffee maker but did have a microwave to boil water in. 

I first found Adagio on pinterest, like I do with a whole bunch of amazing things. Adagio is essentially a social site for tea. People can make their own teas and others can buy them... so, naturally, the amazing fans of many different TV shows, movies, and books decided to create some brews in honor of their favorite characters! 

I was directed to this wonderful place of dorkiness by a pin about the best-selling Tardis blend

Can you hear the Doctor Who fans flailing excitedly? 

And, the comments people leave are amazing:

There are a whole number of other fandom blends, and the website decided to package some of them together to give "sampler sets," groupings of 10 beautifully decorated tins that are a smaller size than their usually sold pouches.

Here are some examples of their top selling sets!

Then there is the awesome option to buy pouches for two characters that are in love together and get a discount on both! 

I bought my first purchase from them a little before my birthday. When the package arrived, it contained a pouch of birthday tea: black tea flavored with vanilla, caramel, and creme with sprinkles mixed in so that you don't have to add sugar! How sweet is it that they sent me a birthday cake in tea form?


Anyway, you should definitely check out the website! It's fun to look through and delicious to have in the cupboard. 

They also have a gift card option; if you would like a $5 certificate, please leave your email address in a comment and I will send one your way!

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