August 02, 2020

Librarian Unboxes Book Mail from Bookstagram and Publishers!

Anyone else get the urge to sing "mail time" from Blue's Clues whenever it's time to open some mail? (just me, okay.)

I've had the absolute joy of receiving some books and bookish packages lately! I have wonderful librarian and bookstagram buddies that I exchange books with on the regular. Included in this video are: 'gramless Elizabeth/ET, Alex @illiterate_cats, Anna @girlswhoreadaround (read it twice), and Cassidy @ladies.getting.lit These are librarian-approved humans - would stamp them with my date due stamp if they didn't live so very far away. Plus, social distancing and ish.

A HUGE thank you to this year's digital ALA conference, TOR Teen, and Flatiron Books for Advanced Reader Copies of Each of Us A Dessert, Eventide, and Mirage!

I very seriously love putting together bookish care packages for online friends, so please befriend me in the comments or on instagram @randomlibrarians

July 31, 2020

Happy July 31! Let's Celebrate Trans Ownvoices Books! (...not Harry Potter's birthday shhhh)

First things first! Please watch and listen to trans reviewers/readers on book tube and beyond over my review! I’m sharing my reads in the hopes of amplifying Caidyn’s trans ownvoices stack initiative over on bookstagram @bwreviewsblog and do whatever I can to help prioritize real trans lives over a fictional birthday. If you're considering celebrating something else today, please listen to the people who have been hurt over the millionaire actively causing the pain.

Caidyn’s post full of awesome ownvoices trans fiction and non-fiction: 

Six Interviews with LGBTQ Children's and YA Authors:

Some amazing book people to go follow and reviews to check out:

Adri at perpetualpages (their review of Felix Ever After made me so so incredibly happy):

Reviews of trans and/or non-binary lit by trans and/or non-binary reviewers:

YA/Middle Grade Trans Ownvoices masterlist:

BookTwitter (we srsly need a better name) thread of trans/non-binary/not-cis booktubers:

July 24, 2020

Makeup and Must Reads: Librarian Reviews Felix Ever After (& hopes we'll read even more own voices lit afterwards!)

FIRSTLY perpetualpages put together 5 Reasons to Read: "Felix Ever After" by Kacen Callender and DANG Adri made such an incredible video! They have also put a huge number of resources in their bio. They speak a bit in the intro to this video about the value of Own Voices reviews (and the difficulty in finding these reviews rn "which feels like a mistake" big agree). Anyways, don't watch my review, go watch theirs:

I'm a big fan of makeup, and I'm hoping that this style of review will mean that I flail less with something to occupy my hands! For this makeup look, I am pulling inspiration from the color palette of Felix Ever After, a book I read recently and wanted to review before coming up with this review style/concept!

I absolutely adored Kacen Callender's Felix Ever After! They crafted (what I see as) the *perfect* summer romance. Beyond being a wonderful story, I really appreciate the way Callender renders Felix and his story, fully and with flaws (that in no way make him unloveable, as he fears). As a cis-het white woman, I have not had to face down any of what Felix does on a daily basis, but reading from his perspective and through Callender's gorgeous prose still made the story personal and relatable.

As a bookworm and a librarian, I want to get this book into everyone's hands - a friend has already read my copy, I'm shoving it into my mom's hands, I'm gifting copies to teacher friends, and I want to make sure every library I work in going forward has Callender's books on the shelves. This is the kind of fiction we need for our LGBT and non-binary patrons as well as for their loved ones. It's also the kind of fiction we need for those who have some growing to do. I want everyone to read Felix Ever After!

Felix Ever After Chapter one on audio:

Kacen Callender talking about Felix and finding community:

Six Interviews with LGBTQ Children's and YA Authors:

Own voices Trans-Spectrum Book Recommendations (not including Felix, but with some great resources linked in the bio):

Better reviews than mine (still looking for more #ownvoices povs!):

Connor O’Brien:

Kelsi Reads: