June 30, 2019

BedJet 3 Climate Comfort System Unboxing, Set Up, and Mini Review

For all that it arrived a bit later than last year, summer is in full swing here in Boston! I recently moved (to a neighborhood I love!) and realized I'd have to get creative with my cooling solutions this summer. Enter: BedJet!

While I have already been testing this system out (and sleeping like a very chill baby as a result), I wanted to showcase how simple the set up is for their new system. It takes under 3 minutes. Seriously, I'm in love.

As is probably evident by the fact that I haven't actively reviewed things in a year, this is not sponsored in any way. I honestly just feel like this is a great alternative way to cool your sleep off in the summer (and warm it up in the winter! whaaaaaat?!) so felt the need to dip my toe back in :)  If you only have one window (like my new bedroom) or if you struggle with sleeping too warm, I hope you'll check this company out!

June 29, 2019

My Paris airbnb / Apartment Tour (en français)

I wanted to try a little something different today - video en français anyone?

This was filmed during a (somewhat) recent trip to Paris. I was crazy lucky enough to spend a week living in a Parisian apartment, walking along the Seine and the beautiful streets of the different arrondissements, and do extensive shopping (both for work and for fun)! All in all, it was an ideal week and a trip that I highly recommend!

I am (sadly) not French, though I had the amazing opportunity to attend an immersion program through my public school starting in kindergarten. So, please be kind if you want to correct my mistakes! I will definitely appreciate it, even though it will make me feel like I'm letting down my first 7 years' worth of teachers.

If you want to check out the airbnb you saw in this video a bit more, you can find it here. It's very reasonably priced, if you can get over the lack of bathroom (... which is not evident in the listing btw). Let me know if you end up staying here, we can compare notes!

July 26, 2018

Librarian Style : a sunny #ootd and starting over

So, starting over is hard.

I've been working my behind off for the past two years with grad school and multiple jobs and trying (mostly failing) to maintain a healthy sleep schedule. Unfortunately, something had to give and that something was my little slice of the internet.

So, yeah, starting over is hard, but I'm so excited to re-dedicate time to this blog ... and to catching up on those Zzzs that I've been missing!

To start off on a sunny note, I'm sharing one of my favorite outfits with a pop of yellow!

I've been playing around with mixing and matching higher end pieces with bargain/less expensive finds. This is a trend you will definitely see play out in my outfits going forward! 

For example, this incredible top - with all its textures details and beautiful marigold tone - is from french brand Sézane. It pairs so well with this skirt (has POCKETS) from Everlane and accessories from Target. I rounded it off with some extremely comfortable ballet flats that I keep at work - they're available in a plethora of colors, patterns, and materials from Tieks.

For me, there definitely feels like there's a difference between the brands I mentioned above... though, that could just be my francophile self giving more love to Sézane than the others! 

I was able to snag most of these items for a decreased price on Poshmark! I purchased the scarf and barrette in-person at Target, but haggled the rest into my closet at half (or more!) off. Have you used Poshmark before? I mainly use the app for shopping/ purchasing, since I'd much rather gift hand-me-downs to friends. Have you used Poshmark before?