May 21, 2020

Random Librarian Reviews: Once Upon a Book Club YA Book Box #bookclubvip

I was thrilled to be selected to test out a VIP Once Upon a Book Club YA box!

April's box features The Edge of Anything by Nora Shalaway Carpenter and four beautifully wrapped gifts that bring it to life :) In today's video, I'm unboxing the YA book box, doing a bit of a reading vlog, and opening the first two presents!

The YA box retails for $34.99 and while April and May boxes are sold out, you can find out more about June subscriptions here:

OUABC self-describes as: A unique reading experience! Each month you'll receive a book (can be paperback or hardcover) to read, a 5" x 7" quote print, along with 3-5 corresponding gifts to match a quote/item mentioned in the book. Each individually wrapped with a page number. Readers, open the gifts as they finish the corresponding page. The experience is unforgettable! It makes the reader feel as if the book is truly coming to life!

You'll also find book club discussion questions in each monthly box. Each question will have a date next to it. Log onto our Instagram page on that date to discuss the book with other members of the Book Club community!

Where to find me:


May 18, 2020

Random Librarian does the Books and Makeup Tag: Get Ready with a bathtub!

The Books and Makeup tag pairs a prompt with a step in a makeup routine! I have not been tagged, but it seemed like a blast when thebookboundblonde (previously thedemureblonde which is why I mention her old name, sorry Rebecca!) did it so I figured I'd jump on the fun train :)

If you'd like to do it, please consider yourself tagged and find the prompts below:

1. Primer: pick a book that left a lasting impression.

2. Foundation: pick your favorite first book in a series.

3. Concealer: pick a character you wish you could get rid of.

4. Powder: pick your favorite last book in a series.

5. Eyebrows: a book you think everyone should read.

6. Eyeshadow: pick a book that has your favorite color on the cover.

7. Eyeliner: pick a dark and mysterious book.

8. Mascara: pick a long book.

9. Blush: pick a book that has a cringe-worthy romance.

10. Highlighter: pick a book that brightened your day.

11. Lipstick: your favorite book kiss.

thebookboundblonde's video:

I have a huuuuge soft spot for makeup, because this blog let me live a normal life while in grad school. I was working multiple part-time jobs while attending librarian classes full-time and my blog, which focused on makeup and "lifestyle"-y things, meant I could make rent and go out with my roommates and even save a bit! Sooo yep, I will always be grateful to makeup :)

March 26, 2020

#TheBookDrop March 2020 Ambassador: Intro, Unboxing, The Girls with No Names plus! Discount code!

I am SO EXCITED to be an ambassador for the Book Drop by Bethany Beach Books! They are sending me three bookish packages (1x month in March, April, and May) for insta pics and bonus!videos :) PLUS! Use the code Randomlibrarians for 10% off of your chosen subscription!

Find all the different types of subscriptions here. With 8 different options (including large print and different options for younger readers), there's a Book Drop subscription for every bookworm out there!

The Book Drop brings the best of indie bookstore joy directly to your doorstop! I have the Books for Tea subscription (their most popular!) and am so excited with my historical fiction pick The Girls with No Names by Serena Burdick.

The Book Drop is an amazing way to support an independent bookstore during the crazy right now. Please check them out here: