September 09, 2019

Video Round Up: What I've been reviewing lately!

I've been a busy little bee this summer! Between work, travel, and family time, I've also been a happy little bee. Since I haven't been populating my YouTube videos to the blog, I figured a round up was in order. Hit play on the videos below to see outfits, nails, and makeup galore from these past few months. I hope you're enjoying the end of summer (it doesn't official happen until the 23rd, don't let anyone tell you differently!)

Lifestyle Videos

One of my favorite things I was able to do this summer is spend a little over 24 hours in Nantucket! When I was a kid, we used to spend a week there in an adorable little beach shack. My parents would pack my brother and I (and all of our stuff!) into a tow-able-by-bike trailer. We'd spend the week jumping off of sand dunes, getting tossed over the waves by my dad, begging for ice cream, and biking along the worlds cutest cobblestone streets. Plus! I've always wanted to live on a houseboat! So staying with my aunt and uncle on their boat was a dream!

It's a sh-sh-sh-SHOWDOWN! Earlier this summer, I decided to finally take the plunge and try the Essie Nail Couture gel system. But I couldn't just try it... I needed to compare it to my long-standing favorite in the ring: Enter, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel! Who's will emerge victorious? Ding, ding, ding, watch above to find out!

(PS I wish nails weren't so hard to film! My little camera tried its best, but listening to the voiceover is the best way to know what happened to each nail.)

Beauty Videos

Following up on the other minimalist makeups I've been trying out (First Aid Beauty and no-foundation reviews can be found here). I'm on the fence about this compact for a couple reasons I outline in the video... but every time I wear it I get complimented on my skin! It's a dilemma.

Round 2 of the minimal foundations in 3, 2, 1...

When they say "sheer," Holy wow do they mean sheer! I've been doing the whole "no makeup (but pulled together)" makeup thing, but I don't even know WHAT to think about this. I pulled the trigger on finally purchasing this after Tati's very positive review and I love a good deal! This stuff is $60 on Sephora and Ulta but only $19.99 at Marshall's! Is it bad that I like it more after knowing that I spent 1/3 of the full ticket price?

This color really grabbed my attention for its similarity to my first beauty must-have: a limited-edition lipstick shade from J.Crew and Lipstick Queen called Poppy King. Poppy King was the satin-finish universally flattering coral of my dreams. I managed to find a second one (brand new!) on Poshmark, but I know I should find a dupe before they go bad. Is Maybelline up to the task?

August 18, 2019

5 Minute Minimal Makeup with First Aid Beauty!

Summer in the city means quick and easy makeup that won't slide around! For those of us with oily or combination skin type, this can feel like an impossible ask. Luckily, First Aid Beauty has come up with a tinted moisturizer that seriously fits the bill! I'm really excited about this product, and even more excited that I found this bad boy at Marshall's for a huge discount.

For the quickest and easiest out-the-door makeup, I present : this video! Are you a fan of the minimal look?

products mentioned:
L' Oreal Infallible Matte-lock primer
First Aid Beauty Tinted Moisturizer in Fair
It Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact in Fair
Marc Jacobs Omega Bronze
Becca MASSIVE brush
Pat McGrath Fetish Eyes mascara
Blistex medicated lip balm

August 12, 2019

Balzac et les fleurs d'été : Madewell and Balzac Paris make for the perfect summer-casual work outfit!

Since starting my new job as head librarian, I have felt the need to update my look a bit. I wear longer skirts and dresses, more tailored tops, and way less makeup. Except for that last point, I never wore anything too far in the other direction. But! I find myself saying goodbye to the days of jeans, leggings and anything sweatshirt material. I ended up finding my new wardrobe more comfortable and more me than anything I'd worn before, but it's still a big change from college-me who lived in fandom t-shirts and cut off shorts over tights and leather leggings galore!

This outfit right here is actually a bit of a mix between my past-comfy and current-comfy! It's a bit shorter than my more recent purchases, but I think it still feels profesh thanks to the long sleeves, subtle tailoring around the v-neck and the waist. I picked it up on sale at Madewell last spring and feel like the green really brings out the color of my eyes! In addition to going super well with the flowers on the dress, these sunwashed pink suede sneakers are my favorite casual addition to an outfit. They're from my favorite French brand, Balzac Paris (video to come soon!). The velcro makes me feel like I'm in pre-k in the best possible way.

^this is what I mean when I say less makeup- hello freckles! I still love makeup, but my approach is a lot more enhancing features I love, rather than "full-glam." Plussss, I look all of 16 without any makeup on, which is not great for a professional environment. 

What are your favorite ways to mix classic and casual?