October 09, 2019

Librarian Reviews: Zombies, run! virtual reality running (up to season 2)

Forget about Pokemon Go!

Forget about Wizards Unite/Harry Potter Go!

Zombies, run! is where it's at. This interactive app will get you out in the world to walk, jog, and sprint your way through 6 seasons of the apocalypse, training runs, supply sprints, fun new adventures and SO. Much. More!

I hope you enjoyed this quick runthrough of the things I love, the few thing I meh, and a call for you to come into this story/world with me!

the Six to Start website:
Apple store:
google play:

If you enjoyed this enough to want more running content from me, please click over to this post about my favorite running dresses (yes, dresses).

October 02, 2019

Vibrating Beauty Sponge: Miracle Makeup Hack or Application Fail?

Today we are testing out Conair's True Glow Glam Vibrating Makeup Sponge. They describe their product, " Conair’s® True Glow™ Glam Vibrating Makeup Blender features vibrating action for smooth, even makeup application. The rounded edge is perfect for larger areas, and the pointed tip makes precision blending in tight spaces and hard-to-reach spots effortless. Limited One-Year Warranty." You can find the full details on their website here.

While filming, ÇA TOURNE MAL ! as my French friends would say... I honestly wasn't expecting the "instructions" to be so two-faced and sensational. What did you think? Is it safe to have instructions and packaging that are so contradictory?

October 01, 2019

Compare and Contrast: nuu muu and Outdoor Voices running dresses (Psst! Pockets!)

I haven't talked about this too much on the blog, but I've become a bit of a runner! I explained a bit about why this feels a bit miraculous over on instagram, so I won't go into that too much today.

Today, I actually want to talk about what I've been wearing on my runs during these hot summer months! I initially found these workout dresses because I'm not the biggest fan of shorts. Plus! The ones from Outdoor Voices have their own spandex shorts inside!

I found two brands of running dresses and have been putting them to the test for the past few months. This video explains all the pros, cons, and my thoughts:

Outdoor Voices dresses with the shorts liner (and pocket!) are currently $100 with a few select styles (some with leotard lining) are on sale!

nuu muu dresses without pockets are $78, and $88 with pockets. Select styles are on sale for $44 to $66. Find 'em here:

What do you think? Would you ever work out in a dress?