May 21, 2016

Classic Glam: Warm Golden Smoky Eye and Red Lip Tutorial || smilingrid

Winding our way down to my last videos filmed in this dorm room! Right as I'm figuring out a good lighting system, too... :P

I love the way this warm metallic smoky eye and true red lip came out- they're classic for a reason! I'm thinking of doing something like this for my commencement ball, thoughts? 

May 15, 2016

Shorts and Tights Lookbook! || smilingrid

Some days you wanna feel like a ballerina, some days all you wanna be is a 90s rocker-chic, yaknow? For me, both impulses lead me to the same place: shorts and tights! I love how many different looks I can create with this combo- let me know your fav in the comments!

Sephora Black Magic Makeup Removing Cloths First Impressions! || smilingrid

UPDATE: totes removes the benefit They're Real liner!

Sephora totally  duped the Original Makeup Eraser with their Black Magic! check out the cloths here:

OG Makeup Eraser:

Why, yes! I *am* editing and posting this as a procrastination tool! :P Currently in the process of writing a history of fashion from Louis XIV to the present day, analyzing a passage from Joyce's Ulysses with a fine toothed comb, and crafting a paper on the longest and most complex book I've ever read (hayyyyyy DFW). What are you guys up to?