smilingrid: new semester, new favorite workouts!

February 13, 2015

new semester, new favorite workouts!

Ever since coming to college (and needing to find something active to replace the hours of sports practice my body was accustomed to), I have been a HUGE fan of classes like pilates, barre, and zumba... especially when I can round up a bunch of friends to go with me! I'm much more likely to work out AND to find it more fun if I can get a buddy or two. That simple fact, compounded by a packed schedule this semester has led to me trying out some new options! Here are my three new faves:

3. Pump it Up

That's the name BC has given a class Laura and recently I decided to try out. Defined as " barbell moves are set to great music to get that muscle pump going. Each major muscle group is focused on during this strength-training routine," the class uses equipment like barbells and dumbbells to give a full body workout! The squats and ab exercises make it "full body," but those weights definitely pushed my arms like never before! I'll admit, I'm not the best in terms of upper body strength... which is what makes this class so awesome!

2. Spin

#tbt (or #fbf is more appropriate, I guess?)

I'm not completely new to spin (I wrote about my first experience with spin for #HCRideandDine this summer!) but everywhere does it slightly differently so i think it still counts! Besides, doing spin classes with Erin is turning me into an early morning person (class starts at 7:15 AM!) which is definitely a new thing for me!

3. CorePower Yoga

ooh boy. This was another Her Campus event, and let me just start off by saying that I have never sweat so much in my entire life. Like, ever.

so, definitely take a towel (or three)

Past the (really cool) frosted window is the hotter-than-Hades room where we worked our behinds off! I went in expecting a more traditional yoga and was really surprised by the heated cardio, weights, and miscellaneous workouts.

I must say, it was a pleasant surprise! I could feel my body continuing to work hours after we'd stopped. 
You know what's even better than the work out that never quits? Your first week of classes at CorePower Yoga is free! Check here for the deets.

well done, guys! (also, hi reflected Laura!)

When you go in for your free week, make sure to check out their retail offerings- CorePower Yoga carries wearable brands like lululemon, ALO, and Soybu and functional brands like bkr glass water bottles, fancy-looking yoga towels and mats, and even jewelry!

What are your favorite workout classes? Do you need a buddy or are you a lone gym ranger? 

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