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Let's just make believe that we're already best friends,  about to clink coffee cups (or wine glasses, depending on the hour!) and catch up about life. That's what I want this blog to be- let me be your internet bestie! I always write with a lipstick-kissed mug in hand anyways, which practically makes your reading experience a coffee date if you also imbue a libation of your choice!


I love me some lipstick (hello, obsession) but I'm all about geekery and goof-dom and will talk your ear off about Marvel, Firefly, and other fave storylines any day of the week!

I collect passions like its going out of style (and, y'know, don't really sleep #whoops)! As such, my resume is the most eclectic thing evar- if you ever need a french-speaking, circus-acting, chick who knows how to farm... you know where to find me :)

My heart is split between Galway, Ireland (where I spent a semester abroad!) and Boston (my hometown and collegetown). I really need someone to figure out the teleportation thing so that I can get back and forth without breaking the bank!

According to my roommates, I'm either a "literal favorite human" or "the absolute worst, no really Ingrid." Stick around and let me know which side you fall on!

If you're a brand/blogger looking to collaborate, please contact me at

PS- this site uses affiliate programs and accepts products for review. Any such products will be marked "c/o" (AKA "courtesy of") and I will only ever share my honest opinion, pinky swear!