smilingrid: Fandlemonium!

April 24, 2014


You might remember me gushing about Fandlemonium? Do you also remember them commenting on my post and offering to send me fandles*? 'Cause that also happened! And it. Was. Awesome!

What followed were some really wonderful emails (they seriously have the greatest customer service ever!) and the promise to send me some random fandles in the mail (which was perfect, because I could never choose my favorite from their many geeky offerings!)


With the absolute sweetest handwritten note! I can't even.

lookit all the goodies!
You could say I was excited...
 I received three beautiful fandles! Unfortunately, we aren't allowed to have candles of any kind (not even perfectly geeky ones) so I had to take them home for Easter break.
I got the dynamic crime-solving duo in flammable form! I've always been a huge fan of Arthur Conan Doyle's works and I absolutely love watching adaptations on screens big ad small! After lighting all three (pictures to come in a jiff), Watson is my favorite- it's (he's?) so sweet and warm smelling. It's like a hug in wax-and-wick form. It's great. Sherlock smells exactly like I'd imagine their flat smelled like in the BBC's version- Cigarettes, clean sheets, and old books. Also reminds me of my uncle Jim. So, yeah.

The Golden Snitch smells like metallic citrus. It's kind of hard to explain, but it's wonderful! The candle has glitter in the mixture/sprinkled over the top, and when the orange melts, it turns almost maroon... Gryffindor colors anyone?

Basically, they're the best and I'm obsessed. Yup.

I leave you with some beautifully burning candles (well, 2/3, Sherlock didn't photograph well without the hat)! Aren't they pretty?

*the term "fandle" refers to "fandom candle" which is just the most wonderful thing EVER


  1. Ingrid, you made us blush! Maybe you should join our marketing department! We are so happy that you are happy.

    Kindest regards,
    The Fandlemonium Family

  2. They're perfect! I literally have hearts in my eyes :) I wish I could have them at school, but at least they're a great motivator for getting through finals?

  3. Oh my goodness, so much happy! You have an ardent fan for life in me, dear Fandlemonium Family :) A million and more "thank you" (s) for reaching out to me after my last post!

  4. ps- have you looked through their website recently? 'cause there are a couple new oneeeessss (aka I want 'em all and I know you share this desire :P )

  5. Ooh, those are so amazing :D You are such a lucky girl!! Yay for Sherlock and Potter :D Too bad you can't burn the candles in your dorm.