smilingrid: erin in orange

February 27, 2015

erin in orange

With spring break season upon us, many are happily looking forward to warmth, getting a rad tan, and having a good time. While I fully intend to do the latter... the first two are currently out of my reach. So, I'm throwing it back to a little summer spotlight on my dearest Erin!

"oh, hey guys!"

When Erin helped me pull together  this collaborative outfit post, I couldn't help but turn the lens on her and her general adorable-ness!

huggin' the whole beach, bein' one with nature

Can we just talk about her skirt for a minute? Because it's rad... and homemade, which makes it even more rad! Erin's mom is crazy talented with a sewing machine- she made this beaded beauty out of a thrifted t-shirt AND she makes the world's coziest mittens from old sweaters. unfortunately, she doesn't have an etsy or anything like that, but I am SO ready to start a facebook or instagram business page for her! The world needs those mittens right now! 
(Hit me up if you want a pair and I will get you in contact with her. It'll be like the mitten mob!)

Oh my gosh, so shiny! Check out these details and try to tell me you don't want this skirt!
(if you can, you're a scarily good liar and should get that looked at)

other deets: my J.Crew Crewcuts necklace paired pretty well with the orange of the skirt! 

^model status^

brb, the ocean is calling my name!

Other than looking at pictures from a warmer time, I plan to use spring break to work, intern, (try to) learn to code, and maybe read Songwriting for Dummies to expose Erin's lovely voice to the world at large! What are your plans for break?

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