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March 04, 2015

fenway fashion

Yup, I'm still feeling the winter-y chill, despite being on my spring break. The snow last night did very little to thaw my frozen self! Allow me to take you back to a warmer time, in a more nostalgic place...

Oh, Fenway Park, you sure are radiant in the summer sun!

I'm beyond pumped that the Patriots won the superbowl (so much pride!), but I'm more of a baseball girl than a football fan. We watched every Red Sox game on TV or in person when I was little- even when they were cursed!

I love that Fenway hasn't changed much since I was little! Just looking at these pictures is making me excited for a game (if only my darling stadium wasn't besieged by snowpocalypse...)

Wally is the personified mascot of our left-field wall, affectionately called the "Green Monster." He's pretty cute for a monster, huh?

This summer, a friend of mine invited me to see a game with her!

There's something so fun about seeing a game under the lights- it reminds me of how awesome it was to play under the lights for special games in high school!

Some outfit details and my MUST wear(s) for a Red Sox game!
For this game in particular, I was a wee bit dressier than the usual jeans-and-jersey combo! That's what happens when you intern at the most well-dressed office in Boston!

Do the wave for the full deets?

yeah, I didn't think you actually did... points to anyone who threw their hands in the air like they just don't care!

Wearing a hat all day is kind of like having blinders on- I was so focused on my computer screen that day, I can't even tell you!

Glasses: Warby Parker
Scarf: old Madewell (closest)
T-shirt: basic H&M
Skirt: basic Forever 21

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