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December 24, 2013

warm woolen mittens

Merry Christmas Eve day, my darlings! I hope your holiday is filled with all sorts of wintry goodness.
Now, I may be a bit weird, but it just doesn't feel like Christmas without all that snow, ice, and cold. 

Whether you're like me (and love it all) or of the opposite opinion (and cannot be persuaded), you should still find yourself a pair of cozy mittens. Look at the ones I've acquired! 

Aren't they pretty? Erin's mom makes them, which I can hardly believe seeing as they're absolutely perfect! I bought a pair for myself (and one as a gift, shhhh!) right before snow storms hit campus! How perfect, right? We were also in the middle of finals- these mittens must be magic, because do you see that grin? Who grins on their way to their doom?

Unfortunately, Erin's mom doesn't have an online store yet. BUT! Since I know you're all dying to warm your wiggly fingers in a pair of these bad boys, I'm more than wiling to serve as a go between. Just shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do about connecting you guys.  Merry Christmas! 

(Oh, right. They're $25 of fleece and recycled wool goodness. I got mine discounted since her daughter is my roommate-and one of my favorite people- but unless you're secretly living in our panic room/closet, I don't think the same could apply to you...)

And since I love you guys and my mittens, here's a close up of the little cuties making a heart. Did yours just melt a little? 

p.s.- title from The Sound of Musicbecause everyone needs a little more Julie Andrews in their lives! I've linked which song I mean, but can you guess without peeking? 

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