smilingrid: 1 tee worn 3 ways with The Darling Daily and Allison Leighann!

July 23, 2014

1 tee worn 3 ways with The Darling Daily and Allison Leighann!

Ashliegh - Allison - me!

I said it in my first #HerConference post, and I'll say it until I'm blue in the face - the best part about blogging, Her Campus, Conferences, and Networks are the people. Plain and simple! I am so thankful for the friends I've made via the internet and even more thankful once I get to meet them in person! That was the case with both Ashliegh and Allison- I've hung out with Ashliegh twice in real life (once in Boston and once in NYC), and got to meet Allison (also in NYC) recently! Of course, me being me, I saw Ashliegh wearing this shirt on Instagram and needed to express my #twinning feels! Turned out, Allison has the same one- thus, this post was born!

while Ashliegh and Allison both took the gorgeously dressed up route, I wanted to keep my take on this tee simple for a walk on the beach with Erin! Subsequently, you will not get any outfit details on my shoes as they were either missing or my flip flops from a Marshalls trip a million years ago. Sound good? Awesome!

details first, this time!

bracelets: an assortment of gifts, hand-me-downs, bought-while-abroad, and Kate Spade! Not a bad bunch, huh? Similar stack (with details!) here.

my mom have me a whole bunch of silk scarves a while back, and I wear them with everything- as belts, headbands, scarves, and bag decorations!

don't question the random pushup photos, I don't know why they happened either...

Scarf: mom's
Sunnies: eBay
Shirt: J.Crew
Belt: thrifted (for a quarter!)
Shorts: Anthropologie (old)
Bag: J.Crew Factory (old)

I'm a pretty colorful personality, so I love  that this outfit reflects that! I felt like I was wearing summer in outfit form, which is pretty darn fun!


another push up...

...followed by some dips. Gotta work the arms evenly, ya know?

 Make sure to head over to Ashliegh's and Allison's posts to tell them how awesome and stylish they are! I'm literally typing this on the t on my way home from hanging out with another blogging bud, so I will go gush at them the second I get home!
Thank you to Erin for taking these pics! I'll have to get her half of the walk up soon- we styled a skirt her mom made from an old t-shirt! Erin's mom is crazy talented- see this post about the mittens she made me if you need any proof!

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