smilingrid: pineapples and Polette (sponsored)

September 09, 2015

pineapples and Polette (sponsored)

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this yet, but I find the pineapple print trend both hilarious and strange. It's ridiculous but I love it (and at the risk of sounding... I dunno, something, I do have a couple of posts that prove I straight up drove this bandwagon! Check out my adorbs pineapple charm necklace here and another outfit featuring this stripe-y sequined number here!)

Ignore the pineapple blazing like a bat symbol on my chest for a sec- can we talk about these glasses?! The nice folks at Polette - remember my killer new shades? - sent them to me to review (and possibly run a giveaway!!!) and I'm literally obsessed with them. 

Welcome to the revolution of the optical world! The revolution is roused by the leaders of the french market and takes place online. Polette makes fashionable and affordable eyeglasses and sunglasses. Depending on the glasses chosen and the customization options, lenses can range between $9.99 and $89.99 (still pretty darn awesome when compared to other optical options). No middle men for the win!

I am beyond pumped that I found my jean jacket- I totes had to throw together a look featuring it ASAP despite the lingering heat of summer!

I gotta say these bad boys are slightly bigger than I was expecting but that just differentiates them even more from my other pairs! Seriously, how fun are the wire frames? And those high arches mean your eyebrows look super on fleek always!

What's you fave part of the look? The pineapple? The glasses? The jacket? I literally can't decide but I'm def going to wear them all often!

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