smilingrid: pattern mixing blues

June 14, 2014

pattern mixing blues

You might have noticed a theme with my outfit posts: I'm a HUGE fan of pattern mixing. This statement rings doubly true when it comes to stripes. Give me a striped shirt and a fun scarf and I'll be as happy as a clam! There's something 'bout pattern mixing that adds extra oomph or (more fancily) je ne sais quoi to an otherwise simple outfit. So, of course I'm always trying to find new ways to incorporate this beloved trend!

Like with accessories!

Check out this adorable J.Crew find! My mom and I went shopping a while back and I managed to walk out with this perfectly patterned accessory. Seersucker is subtle enough that I can wear it with these crazy shorts of my mom's (from back in the day!)

To add pops of color (another favorite way to pull together a look!), I swiped on a vibrantly pink lipstick and this adorable pineapple charm from Crew Cuts! My favorite green Chanel flats (which I somehow didn't get a good pic of this time round) tie the leaves of the pineapple into the rest of the outfit, while the similar blues and whites of the bigger components provide an awesome canvas to build from!

I opted for a ring shindig instead of an arm party! I stacked three of my favorite rings to feel a little less like I was wearing pajamas (seriously, this outfit is that comfortable!)

Glasses adjustment, don't mind me!

Hat- J.Crew (on sale!)
Shirt- Madewell (greatest white tee!)
Shorts- Calvin Klein (closest match I could find!)
Shoes- Chanel (last seen here)
Jewelry- Crew Cuts (even more on sale than when I bought it!), Brandy Melville (old), Tiffany's (old)

look! You can see the shoes in these two! I just love that color green, there's something so spring/summer-y about it and it puts a smile on my face! Plus, I'm more than a bit obsessed with Madame Chanel, so there's that.

All in all, I think this outfit is a perfect summer look. It's loose and light while making a nod to some of my personal favorite trends! I could comfortably strip it down to basics and wear it over a bikini to the beach without feeling uncomfortable-either in the summer heat or by wearing one of the sheer or crocheted cover ups that are all the rage these days. 

What are your favorite summer trends?

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