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October 22, 2014


After the little preview that is my last post (in which there was tea!), I figured I should probably tell you about this amazing dress and the company that crafted it!

First of all, who doesn't love pineapple print, amirite? I'm a bit obsessed and have it in several wearable forms. Second of all, Bow & Drape is your new favorite company. You're welcome.

oh, and hello, long-standing fave! I hope you enjoyed your close up!
... I'm talking to accessories. Am I off my rocker?

Bow & Drape is an online, completely customizable, wonderfully (and most importantly!) comfortable clothing brand. They offer a whole slew of basic sartorial choices to have bedazzled, embroidered, and generally awesomely altered to your heart's content! 

Looking into my closet, you'd know how strongly I feel for stripes... so, of course, this little gray and white number was just demanding to be added to the collection! When I saw the adorable little pineapple applique, I was done for.

As if the universe was agreeing with my sense of style, the combo was on sale to boot!

see how happy that made me?

I love pairing the dress with a pop of green to match the pineapple's leaves (side note: are they leaves?). Here, I went with my always-beloved green Chanel flats, but I've also transitioned the dress for Galway fall with tights, riding boots, and a green hoodie!

oh summer, I miss you!

What would you create at Bow and Drape?

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