smilingrid: Back to School/Senior Year "Essentials" with Walmart and Schick Disposables (Sponsored)

September 02, 2015

Back to School/Senior Year "Essentials" with Walmart and Schick Disposables (Sponsored)

As I thought of heading back to school for my last undergraduate year (nopenopenopenope... I mean, what?) I put together the world's most awesome packing list from Walmart- it's got some actual necessities, some funsies, and a few giftable goodies! What's on your Back to School list?

1. Is there anything more Back-to-School-y than new notebooks and planners?

Since I take 5 classes a semester, I always get a 5 subject notebook so I'm never caught without the correct notes! I almost got white this year, but the pretty red already has some scratches/has been spilled on, so I think I made the right choice!
My ideal planner has enough room per day to hold the homework and reminders for all of my classes that day- this one comes pretty close... except for tuesdays! Tuesdays are going to be my craziest days (work at 10AM followed by three classes that don't end until 7PM), so I might need to put the good old HW for one of those on the discussion's day. I'm working on the whole organization thing!

2. Weirdly not revamping my look with new lippies!

As you probably know, I love being able to try new trends on mah face, usually through lipstick! This semester, I decided to explore a really new frontier by getting the Maybeline blushed nudes pallette! The colors are gorgeous and I've been having a LOT of fun playing around with it- fun fact: use a wet brush to get the colors to really pop!

3. Getting crafty!

I picked up some paints and brushes (though, weirdly, the brush that came with the paints is a billion times better than the grippy ones I bought separately) to create something fun for my roomies...

4. I'm a senior, there needed to be something alcohol related on here!

... Some decorated wine glasses! Remember how I made Disney door tags a few years back? This year, I'm painting some princesses on the curved surfaces of the wine glasses! Stay tuned, because you know there'll be a post on 'em!

5. I feel about 10000% more confident strutting around with freshly shaved legs (a.k.a being a smooth criminal)

No girl is going into the new school year with fuzzy legs! I feel like we've all got to soak up as much summer-y sun as we can before another Boston winter hits and legs need to hibernate. For now, though? Why yes, I am keeping them all soft and smooth with some Schick Disposables!

Besides being a super fun assortment of thingamabobs, they just look so pretty and colorful all cobbled together, don'tcha think?

Don't forget to check out the last post for more about my Walmart and Schick experience and DEF remember to enter the #SchickSelfieSweeps for a chance at $10,000 worth of tuition money!

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