smilingrid: summer adventures at sculptured rocks in Hebron, NH

June 19, 2015

summer adventures at sculptured rocks in Hebron, NH

It's finally starting to feel like summer! Growing up, summer was always full of outdoor adventures and some of my favorites took place at a little off-the-beaten-path location called Sculptured Rocks.

Sculptured Rocks is a super-fun natural local watering-hole in Hebron, New Hampshire. It was formed when glaciers were migrating in the last ice age, leaving behind caves and deep crevasses that fill with melted snow run off in the spring and summer. It's pretty much nature's water park!

I brought my bestie, James, with me for some cliff jumping and exploring!

James with the jumping (dang him for looking poised... you'll see why when you see my jumping pics below!)

yeah... I'm a bit of an awkward starfish, what can you do?

From here, you can swim upstream and check out the cave behind the waterfall or...

...dry off and prepare to go exploring!

I always meet the coolest people at Sculptured Rocks! We made some friends in between jumping off of rocks and exploring down stream. So, of course, I made some flower crowns for everyone! I did a tutorial for making flower crowns a while back, if you'd like to check it out!

Camera optional! I was so worried I was going to drop my camera into the stream, but I really wanted to show you guys one of my favorite places! What do you say? Did the worry pay off?

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