smilingrid: JORD Watch outfit post 1: Chambray romper

June 16, 2015

JORD Watch outfit post 1: Chambray romper

It's really feeling like summer here on campus! I've been living just off and biking to work every day on my loveliest christmas present- a vintage-looking beach bike. Since it's here and I'm here, I decided to use it as a prop in my most recent outfit photoshoot with my wonderful roomie, Sean!

It has saddle bags and everything, meaning I have space for my laptop and other interning necessities, and also for groceries if I go food shopping at the end of the day! Plus, it's just so darn cute!

I'm interning at Her Campus again this summer, so the dress code is relaxed-fashionable! As such, you're probably going to see a bunch of my interning outfits in posts this summer.

(New!) Glasses- Warby Parker
Tank- Negative (my literal undergarment bae)
Sneakers- Gap (old)

Now, for my favorite aspect of this look- my wooden watch! JORD reached out to me with the offer of this beauty and I happily jumped on it. In Swedish- which, coincidentally, I am- "Jord" means earth/soil/land.  Jord watches are made mostly from wood, and are sustainable, efficient, and beautifully simple. The company defines their watch owner's as not just having somewhere to be, but somewhere to go. They "believe our watches tell more than time."

If you think this pretty much sounds like the greatest pitch ever, check out JORD and their watches here! I'm personally obsessed with my Sully Series beauty- which one is your fave?

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