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July 17, 2013

daisy chain how to

Alas, this is the  last of my "made in Nantucket" posts. I've been saving this one, trying to drag out the magic!

Since it's summer, for some people it is festival time! (note: not me, remember how Boston Calling was my first music festival?)

But, I have read about them on blogs, seen pictures on pinterest (and other social media platforms, I swear I do use them!), and thought that they seem like a jolly good time!

Plus everyone wears flower crowns! That's my idea of a party!
(see the link above, The Londoner is my favorite blog and more than half of her festival posts include flower crowns! Actually, you should just read all of her stuff, its chock full of awesome!)

Anyways, I started making daisy chains not out of a desire to look cute at a festival, but out of boredom in my backyard. We used to have a ton of wildflowers and grasses and once us wee girls learned how to weave these, we could spend the dragging eternity (probably only an hour or so) before a dinner party weaving these more and more ornately.

And I didn't just have fun making them when I was little! I brought this talent with me to France and walked the halls of my high school's sister academy with a spring in my step and a similarly decked out friend by my side.

This trick of mine has brought me so much joy (and style) throughout the years, that I thought I'd do the simplest of crown how tos!

Daisy Chains

1. Pick yourself an abundance of flowers

2. Shorten your daisies to the desired length (you want some space between the flowers but not too much)

3. Use your thumb nail to make a hole in the stem.

4. Put the stem of your next flower through the preceding one and continue making your chain in the same manner!

5. To finfish it off, make the last hole big enough to go over the first flower's bloom and secure to the best of your ability! (also, this time I ended up keeping step 2 for last and trimmed all the ends before giving it to my cousin)

6. Find a lovely model to show off your hard work!

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