smilingrid: cliffs of moher

March 20, 2015

cliffs of moher

ahhh, Ireland...

... land of rainbows...

...home of adorable cows and sheep and...

*screeeech* extreme danger???

Welcome to the Cliffs of Moher, a natural beauty the likes of which would be shut down so fast in America it isn't even funny!

While Laura was visiting me in Galway, the two of us decided to hop on a tour bus and explore this well-loved landmark!

Tours make for some crazy-long days! We took the slightly shorter one offered by Healy Tours (and skipped the Ailwee caves since my friend said they weren't worth it), which leaves at 11:30 AM and returns at 5:45PM. 

So, in preparation for the trip, we drank tons of tea, filled up on scones, and layered/waterproofed ourselves for the day ahead!

Wary of our tour guide's insistence that we stay behind the wall, we took our pictures and set about enjoying the view...

... before deciding it was time to follow the masses and get up close and personal with some gigantic cliffs!

^you can see the Hag's Head in the background- legend has it that it's the Hag of Beare, stuck where she was immobilized when confronted by St. Patrick^

Halo like woaah!

It's actually crazy how close you can get to the edge! Heights make me super giddy so I was bouncing off the metaphoric walls! 

The views at the Cliffs are literally breathtaking- I'm so glad I got to share the experience with a friend! Laura and I had some really awesome chats while living on the edge!

I've made this joke before, but, "I'm flying, Jack!"

ohmygosh take me back.

Laura and I are both bloggers so we took approximately a million pics each (whoops!). Luckily, we were able to prevail upon a kind stranger to take one of us together!

We were super lucky in that the constant Irish drizzles cleared up just in time for our exploration!

... but don't let the warm and sunny looking pics fool you, it's still Ireland. Thus, gale force winds- yipee!

Here, have some pictures of people taking pictures!
Obviously the Cliffs of Moher attract many tourists so there were a LOT of people taking pictures! Everyone was so happy to be there, so capturing all these candid-but-not moments really put a grin on my face!

fun fact: during the summer, you can take a boat tour of the Cliffs and see where scenes from both Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince AND The Princess Bride were filmed! How cool is that?!?!

Because I think I'm funny, this is the picture I sent my parents after my visit to the cliffs. Hi, mom and dad, love you and sorry for the heart attack!

(ps- don't forget to enter the giveaway in my last post!)

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