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July 19, 2013

NYC: High Line Park

I mentioned our search for an entrance to the Highline Park in my last post, the first in the NYC adventures series.  It was kind of hard to find as their website didn't give the greatest of directions. Luckily, my roommate is all kinds of awesome and she whipped out her map reading skills and got us to the very beginning of the park walk.

The High Line public park is built on and around a historic rail line. It is elevated above the streets, among the buildings of Manhattan's West Side. The Park is beautifully maintained by the Friends of the High Line, decorated with vibrant plant life, interestingly designed park benches, and amazing public art commissions.

Taking a quick break to enjoy the beautiful day!
I talked a bit about our outfits last time, so pop on over there if that is where your interests lie!

Dancer pose, take two!

"I'm flying, Jack!!!"

Megan and I both took one glance at this overhanging extension from the main pathway and immediately thought Titanic!

There were people reading and tanning all over, just out and about enjoying their beautiful surroundings!

Tree tunnel!

I spy nap time!

We were even lucky enough to stumble upon an art class! I love to draw and create, something that I've been missing since high school, and it was so cool to see it happening right in front of me!

Just when I thought the park couldn't get any cooler, we turned a corner and were hit by a sea breeze, tunneled through well, an old freight train tunnel! And! Inside there were food trucks, artists stands, and people milling about in the cool shade.

I got a delicious iced coffee and Megan ordered some chocolate gelato! We both walked away cooled off and sweet-treat-happy!

View of the water from inside the tunnel.

Right on the other side of the tunnel, there was a bit of cool running water to splash around in! 

Seems like someone had the same idea as me! I didn't want to get my sneakers or socks all soggy, so jumped up on a bench to snap this lovely picture of the city and the water.

I cannot recommend the High Line enough for part of a trip into New York City, it offers such a unique view! 

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