smilingrid: Kyasi (review and giveaway!)

March 21, 2015

Kyasi (review and giveaway!)

The Kyasi Stylus is a fully brass piece of awesome! It's three devices for the price of one- a laser pointer, stylus pen, and a regular pen. It's also quite possibly the most useful thing in the entire world! 

pen c/o tomoson

Ways in which this bad boy is useful: 

1. Well, it's a pen. So, there's that perpetually useful trait!
2. The pen has a self-contained cap so it'll never get all over my jacket OR my backpack
3. There's a swappable stylus tip, so when I don't want to get gross finger-smudges all over my electronics, I can still use them! They're so clear and un-gross!
4. I've used the laser pointer mostly for funsies but it's super useful when being lazy and pointing things out around our room (also fun to chase like a cat, not gonna lie)

Beyond just being functional, this pen is so much fun! 

It's basically a puzzle and the different pieces give me something to play with in the middle of class! It comes in a slew of awesome colors like red, white, blue, purple, black, silver and dark green. I went with the purple because all the best things come in that hue- royalty, Hawkeye, lavender, my surface keyboard, pretty lipstick shades, my fuzziest pair of socks, even occaisonally Katy Perry's hair! 

But hey, don't listen to me. You can pick your own fave when you WIN YOUR OWN!

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