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January 24, 2015

Roommates in the city

This summer, when I took the train to NYC for #Her Conference (which, yes, I still have a million posts about... how'd I get so behind?! It's a good thing I obsessively take notes, huh?), I also got to meet up with one of my favorite people! Meeting my roomies in the city seems to be a yearly thing for me and I can't say I hate it!

This time, I met up post-conference with the lovely Kim! You might remember her Majestical necklace look? If you don't, go check it out! Girl's got style! 

We started off our roomie reunion with a visit to Shake Shack!

mmmmm 'shroom burger

Somehow, I always seem to bring people on their inaugural Shake Shack visits- like Laura's last year!- and seeing the joy on their faces is too good to not share! 

I think this is what love looks like, ladies and gentlemen.

as they say, #nom

As we were wandering around post-dinner, Kim mentioned that she'd always wanted to go inside Times Scare, New York's year-round haunted house. Knowing how much she loves horror films I said "why not?!" and in we went! 

oh hey, bro

It's like a very evil Sistine Chapel in there!

We chatted and joked with the actors out front while we were admiring the d├ęcor and they ended up giving us a discount! Gotta love instant (and positive) Karma!

Pre-venture pics with the thoughtfully provided props!

Both of our hearts were hammering when we got out... we were also grinning ear to ear! Kim and I were attached at the hand the entire time and, as we were in the back of our group, kept getting snuck up on! Though the actors can't touch you, they jump out from hidden corners, chase you with chain saws, and try to separate you from your group- one even creepily blew on the back of Kim's neck! All of that would be scary enough without the lack of lights, the random loud noises, and uncertain path... in case I'm not doing it justice, it was an absolute blast! Haunted houses are such life-affirming things, aren't they?

I'm not sure which I'm reacting to- the Hunted House or the fact that there's a musical version of 50 Shades. Thoughts?

 In order to balance out our heart-pounding adventure, we headed to the ToysRUs store in Time Square for a spin on the Ferris wheel!

We got to ride with Mr. and Mrs. Potato head... and an adorable little girl with her dad! She didn't know who half of the decorations were- the Scooby seat and the Toy Story ones went right over her head- but her dad was kind enough to take a picture of us as thanks for entertaining his daughter.

Roomie love!

I also managed to sneak a snap of the official pic of us- shhhh, don't tattle on me!

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