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April 04, 2014


Here to usher in the weekend is my lovely roommate, Kim!

So studious!
She styled Majestical's statement necklace with a neutral-toned striped sweater, dark wash jeans, and her trusty tan boots!

Kim is our diva-just look at that pose!-from New York, and has a strong (and adorable!) accent.

She is the definition of "fun sized" and can fit in a box (a real one, much smaller and less glamorous than this window seat)!

She claims to know more about home renovations and baseball than makeup... but she always looks b-e-a-utiful so no one would ever guess ;)

Her dream is to write a short children's book when she gets older, which I think is just the most wonderful future plan I've ever heard! Think you can top it? What's yours?

Kim, Kim, Kim! I'm so very glad that I've gotten the chance to know you better as your roommate! From watching HIMYM late on Monday nights to cracking up at your (always hilarious) stories, you have made this year so amazing! Being your friend is a wonderful experience and I can't wait to room together again next year! Love ya!

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