smilingrid: scary Sundays

October 28, 2013

scary Sundays

This weekend was one of my roommates birthdays! Honestly, it feels like there is always something to celebrate in my room. It's pretty much the best thing ever!

Happy birthday Kimberly!

The boys took about a million of these because we kept doing funny candid-y things as we were preparing the cuteness. Good for some laughs, and we got this lovely one in the end!

Okay, something I will never understand: some of my most adorable friends' favorite genre of movies... is horror. Mimi is one such friend, and now Kim!  It is a sign of how much I love you crazy kids that I will watch them with you... 

We watched "The Conjuring" and I don't think I'd have made it through the whole thing without my couch buddies. Thankfully, no fingers were broken in our clutching (yes, Laura and I were genuinely concerned for this happening) but lots of jumping and screaming occurred!

I'm pretty sure our couch was more entertaining to the birthday girl than most of the film. Oh well, we do what we can!

What do you think of scary movies? Have you done anything similarly out of your comfort zone recently?


  1. I like thrillers, but I cant watch straight up horror films where there is gore and suspense non-stop. I remember I once got roped into watching the ring with a bunch of friends and I did not sleep for days afterwards! I dont really understand the horror craze either.

    1. oh my gosh, falling asleep was so hard last night! the ring? nopenopenopenope... nope