smilingrid: Blarney Castle Grounds

January 30, 2015

Blarney Castle Grounds

Just in case you forgot where we were last time!

Back to Blarney! My absolute favorite part about Blarney Castle was that it didn't comprise only of the Blarney Stone.  Though the Stone and the promise of verbosity it holds were very cool, the grounds surrounding the castle were packed with things I wanted to see!

Of the many paths we could have taken once we emerged from the castle...

We decided to start at its very foot, with the Poison Garden!

make sure you read the instructions and do not touch! matter how pretty the plants are. I'm serious about this- no poisoning on my watch!

^roomie prom pics^

^weekend roomie goofiness^

From the poison garden (which no one explored too kinesthetically, thank goodness), we jumped on a path through a wild garden/small wood area and wound up at a waterfall!

Along the walk, we passed a Druid's circle (standing stones in- you guessed it- circular formation), a Druid's cave, and a Witches stone. Considering the entire place is next to a Fairy Glen, I'd say the neighborhood block parties must be awesome! Some might even say... magical (#sorrynotsorry).

But then again... I'm pretty sure one of the markers on the map said "sacrificial altar," so maybe it wouldn't be the fun kind of magic?

Nah! No place that decorates with fun colored Quidditch supplies can be dark in magic!

After walking past allll of that, we made it to the Wishing Steps. The legend (and the plaque) say that if you walk up the stairs backwards and with your eyes closed while focusing very intently on a wish... that said wish will come true within the year! I'll let you know if it works or if it's a ploy to make tourists look silly by this time next year.

For reference, this is how steep and uneven the stairs are. We really had to work for those wishes! The wishes are said to be granted by the witch who lived at the top of the stairs- we got to walk around her cave/kitchen but we didn't get to meet her, unfortunately. Guess the stairs are her only way of communicating!

Speaking of wish fulfillment, people seemed to be trusting their futures to coinage! Whether on Fairy stumps or in the ever-popular body of water, small change was tossed in the hopes of wishes coming true. I tossed a few myself, but didn't make wishes- claim one for yourself and let me know when it comes true!

Well, there you have it- Blarney Castle, trees, and grounds, ladies and gents! Isn't it grand? I just want to give the whole place a huge hug! 

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