smilingrid: Holiday sparkle (PenGems giveaway!)

December 29, 2014

Holiday sparkle (PenGems giveaway!)

Happy holidays, my dears! Guess who's back on American soil (and in the blogosphere)?!?
... if you guessed me, you'd be right! Confetti canons for you!

I hope you've all been having a lovely holiday season and that you're looking forward to the next celebration- New Year's eve, of course!

Now, let me ask you a quick question. How do you sparkle on New Years? Do you wear sequins (like two of my fave skirts-one, two)? Do you don some awesome jewelry (check out these pieces!)? Think on that for a minute... now let me tell you my favorite way to incorporate some sparkle into my life, New Year's or no!

PENGEMS! Yes, these sparkly babies are making another appearance on this here blog (in case you need a refresher: example one, example two)! This time, Angel (still the greatest rep you will ever meet) sent me some beautiful PenGems in silver and gold- perfect for the holidays and for writing New Year's resolutions...getting back to posting on a regular schedule is at the top of my list!

PenGems are such an easy way to add some glitter - and grins! - to your day. What other sparkle can you just casually carry around in your purse?

Not only are the majority of my writing utensils now PenGems, but these new ones have HUGE gems in the back! Check out the previous reviews for a little game of compare and contrast!

Lucky you! PenGems and I paired up again to bring you a New Year's Giveaway! Last time, there were more than 700 entries! Think we can make a new record?

I hope you win a little sparkle to carry with you everywhere and really make the New Year bright!

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