smilingrid: perfectly paired pengems (review & giveaway!)

July 11, 2014

perfectly paired pengems (review & giveaway!)

You guys remember my PenGems review, right? Quick recap: I received a gorgeous rainbow crystal pen from this ridiculously awesome company and haven't wanted to write with anything else since! Seriously, I get compliments on my pen. How many people can say that?

Well, thanks to Angel of PenGems (seriously the nicest brand contact ever, work with her if you get the chance!), you could be the newest person to get compliments on your writing utensils!

That's right! I have teamed up with PenGems again! Considering the awesome response the last collaboration got, I can't wait to give one of you the sparkly pens you want!

Look! It matches my notebook! It also matches my Surface's keyboard AND my case- I'm so glad I chose purple.

So, winning a PenGem sounds pretty awesome, right? How about winning TWO PenGems? This giveaway is made of awesome, right?!

Angel is going to send the winner of this here giveaway a pair of matching PenGems (in the color of your choosing!)- one Stylus Pen for your electronics (it also writes like a regular PenGem!) and a Signature PenGem for everything that can't be completed on your screen.  

I'd be super jealous of the winner... but I already have my own, so I feel like I'm not allowed to be! Seriously, though, I want PenGems in every color! They're so much fun!

The one rule is that you must live within the great U S of A to win (sorry, Laura!)
Other than that, go crazy, love sparkles, and smile a whole lot as you keep your fingers crossed to win!

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