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August 28, 2014

maroon and gold

Yesterday, we moved my brother into his first ever dorm room- my little bro is officially an eagle! In light of this momentous occasion, it's about time I share the snaps from his grad party, huh?    

We are a family (flock?) of eagles! My mom's a BC grad, I'm a rising (soaring, if you will *wink, wink*) junior, and John's coming in as a freshman!

The bar went along with the maroon and gold color scheme! Personally, I think it made us look like we should have been serving butterbeer and firewiskey, but no dice.


We got the food catered- barbeque anyone?- and it was ridiculously delicious! I dream of that mac and cheese. Dream, I tell you!


^the athletic feats gathered a bit of a crowd! Groupies, man^
(the game also broke my cousin's arm, but she bounced back like a champ after her ER trip!)

There's something so fun about coming together and celebrating accomplishment! We had family, school friends, ski team, neighbors, among other disparate groups in our back yard- all brought together for one person...

... who's face just happened to be all over our m&ms (good one, mom).

I'm not the only shutter happy family member! Camera duels to the maxxxx.  

The cake says it all, congrats bro! I am so proud of you, and can't wait to see how you've taken over campus when I get back from being abroad!

outfit post portion!

I decided to stick with the color scheme with a sequined gold skirt from the Gap and a sheer maroon tint on my lips (and a very appropriate backdrop!).

My feet sported my summer staple- my fave sappy sandals from Frye!

this t-shirt is just about the commies thing ever! Hit up your nearest H&M for some AHmazing staples for an even better price! 

With that foot pop, I leave you! Proud, bedazzled, big sister OUT!

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