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October 30, 2014

Aran Islans

Our group's first organized outing (I'm not counting fam dinners in our apartment or out on the town), was a day trip to the Aran Islands. These three islands are situated off the western coast of Ireland and are huge tourist attractions due to their links to the past. Being on the island feels a bit like going back in time, which you should be able to grasp through these pics!

since the Aran Islands are, y'know, islands, we all piled onto a ferry early in the morning.

What follows is an excessive amount of dancing and pictures. because what else are we going to do on a boat, with a camera?


... well, I guess some of us took the time for a little extra shut eye...

When we finally docked, my paparazzi game was pretty impressive.

I can admit that maybe I just had good subjects!

(okay, more than maybe. Definitely the best subjects.)

Next stop? Bikes!


This was such an awesome way to see the island! We got to become part of the landscape as we pedaled ourselves along tiny, winding, seaside roads.

not bad, as far as bike paths go, huh?

Our chosen mode of transportation also allowed us to stop at places different than tour groups would.

Our BC coordinator/professor brought us up to ruins (like this old church) while also just explaining landmarks and relevant history to us during breaks on the side of a road.


^does this beach fool anyone into thinking I'm in a warmer climate? It was crazy clear and gorgeously teal when we were there- Ireland's got a few tricks up her sleeve!^

How adorable is this little sweater shop?! The main souvenir of the Aran Islands is the classic Irish sweater, so these were everywhere!

Contrary to the whole supply/demand thing, the sheer number of cliffs in Ireland strangely doesn't decrease their appeal.

...or the number of pictures we take atop them.


After our (terrifying, according to the adult in charge of us) adventures on the edge of the world, we decided to take an quest in search of the Wormhole.
(my dad builds these on our front lawn! Thinking of ya, pops!)

... it took us approximately 5 years of Irish fields to find this sign.

and then another 2 years to trek back the way we'd came, but along the water.

BUT! We made it to the Wormhole!

This hole in the ground is completely and perfectly rectangular, ridiculously deep, and used n diving competitions.  

Did I mention it's completely natural? No man nor machine crafted this bad boy!

I'd say that's pretty snap worthy, wouldn't you?

After the walk back to our bikes, we raced along the road back to the village to do some shopping. An Aran sweater (which I could seriously live in, no joke), some socks, and a ridiculously fluffy looking pair of boots later, we jumped back on the ferry to get home.
Unlike the hyper, picture-filled ride of the morning, I'm pretty sure everyone in our group KOed within five minutes of taking out seats.
What? It was a pretty packed day!

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