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June 13, 2014


I think my obsession with and thankfulness towards Her Campus has really become evident at this point. They've shared some really wonderful opportunities with me (including the two tablets I've one at their events!), they have connected me to some amazing other bloggers through the Her Campus Blogger Network, and now I get to intern with and learn from them! Immense amounts of love noted? Awesome! Then get excited for this latest and greatest Her Campus adventure- #HCrideanddine!


Armed with that hashtag and about 50 girls on smartphones (see the lovely Erin above), the Her Campus team and friends hit two of our new favorite spots- SoulCycle and sweetgreen!

SoulCycle is a (frankly) amazing cycling studio! It was founded in 2006 on the belief that fitness could be inspiring and beneficial not only for your body, but for your mind and very soul. Talk about a tall order! Luckily, people across the country have responded to this belief- Soul Cycle has roughly 20,000 riders a week and has opened up 25 locations, including the one in Chestnut Hill where we went to ride!

This is the inspiring Soul Cycle motto, put up on the wall in fluorescent lights for the world to admire!

I was off being curious and bloggy when the team decided to take a picture so I all but dove into a spot after handing my camera to out impromptu photographer... hence my awkward position in the standing row when there was clearly a sorority squat with my name on it! Whoops!

Once you read the 5 steps to Soul etiquette, you can walk through that studio door, just like Molly! See that grin on her face? Entering that room feels like a step toward accomplishment! 


Fast forward to walking out, I felt like I embodied (em-souled?) those words on the wall! It was my first time on a spin bike and I thoroughly enjoyed it! We were jammin' to a "girl power" playlist while working out hard core! Plus, it wasn't just legs, my whole body was worked- including target areas like arms and core!
Check out all that pink! It's a Her Campus event, so the color is obvi a must. HC's pretty great at creating picture perfect moments- like this sweaty but happy group of soul cyclists!

A hop, skip, and a jump away, we arrived at sweetgreen! This delicious and responsible brand opened its doors in 2007. Since, it has become a go-to for healthy, yummy, local, and organic goodness! Sweetgreen claims to "exist to create experiences where passion and purpose come together." With that kind of inspirational message, sweetgreen and Soul Cycle make the perfect pair!

Our soul-cycled-out selves were seated outdoors at these adorable little picnic-like tables. From our (thankfully) stationary positions, we listened to one of the sweetgreen team members

Erin's vibes are clearly not kale-d! Just look at that happy face!
(ps- their clever canvas tote can be found here!)

Erin and I both ate and adored the spicy sabzi salad which has a base of organic baby spinach and shredded kale topped with spicy quinoa, spicy broccoli, carrots, raw beets, basil, sprouts and roasted tofu. The dressing is a carrot chili vinaigrette AND IT COMES WITH A SIDE OF SRIRACHA! Yes, the caps were necessary. Yes, I'm in love.

Molly enjoyed the kale Caesar. Shredded kale and chopped romaine make up the green base while roasted chicken, shaved parmesan, grape tomatoes, and parmesan crisps collectively make up "the fun bits!" add Caesar dressing and a dash of lime and you have a recipe for one delicious take on a well-loved classic.

Kitty grabbed the santorini. Her base was chopped romaine with shrimp, feta, chickpeas, and baby tomatoes (it's supposed to be red grapes, but HC made the collective decision to go with tomatoes. I heard absolutely zero complaints!). The santorini is dressed with a cucumber basil yogurt mix and as much fresh lemon juice as you can squeeze from those yellow globes!

om nom nom

To Her Campus, Soul Cycle, and sweetgreen- thank you for an incredible evening! The components truly worked together seamlessly to create the perfect collaborative event. I know I speak for myself and my guests when I say that #HCrideanddine will be remembered as a summer highlight!

Speaking of my friends! To Erin, Kitty, and Molly, who rode and dined with me- thank you for joining the fun! It was amazing to share the evening with you three, and it will be recalled as even more of a bright spot due to your presence!

So I have two new favorites! What are your top summer workouts and eats? Give me suggestions in the comments, please! I want to try ALL the things!

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