smilingrid: dinners and lunches and thai food, oh my!

June 15, 2014

dinners and lunches and thai food, oh my!

Cara came back to Boston to do some visiting this week! A whole bunch of my freshman year friends decided to get together and grab dinner to catch up! Unlike our Jersey girl, many of them are staying in the city so I'm really excited to see everyone whenever possible.  

I meandered my way to the Brown Sugar Café, a delicious Thai food restaurant down the street from my internship location. You guys know how much I love Thai food!

Unfortunately, everyone ended up getting stuck at BC for a bit or in traffic... so I sat and made friends with the decorative fishies!

This aquatic darling was quite the model! Any time my lens was turned in her direction, she'd give me a profile or a duck face!

Dory and the others were more shy, hiding in the coral or darting away and blurring the whole shot!

I'm easily distracted, so watching the fish made the time pass so quickly!

One last shot of my buddy before we get in to the actual Brown Sugar Café!

The decorations are really cool! The walls, tables, and floors are all neutral so the added bits and bobs really pop.

Speaking of popping, it was someone's birthday and, in addition to "happy birthday" over the stereo, there was a crazy light show! I know where I'm going for my birthday next year! Can I make a reservation now, please?

In case any faces are unfamiliar- Cara, Grace, Ben, Ale, Colleen

Grace offered to take another group pinch so I could stop being a shutterbugs for a second! Isn't she sweet?

Please tell me you have tried Thai iced tea?! I know I gush about tea on here a lot, but there's something so deliciously different about the iced Thai version! It's sweet and milky and I really don't think I can do the deliciousness justice. If you haven't tried it, you're just going to have to trust me and order some next time you get Thai food!

I got their basic pad Thai with shrimp only. It was absolutely everything pad Thai should be, mmMMmmMMmm.

Luckily I wasn't the only one making pleased noises over the meal before me- apparently ALL of the food here is  perfection.

Lots of laughs and awesome catching up made for an evening of greatness!

We said our goodbyes and make our way back to cars/campus/home with hugs and expressions of affection. I cannot wait to see everyone again this summer!

... I loved the Brown Sugar Café so much that I went back a second time with my fellow HC interns later in the week. Give me ALL the pad Thai! Our lunch was just as wonderful as my dinner with long--standing friends, only we did more getting to know you than catching up! Still, these are 9 (some not pictured unfortunately!) girls that I am overjoyed to spend my summer with!

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