smilingrid: sweatshirts and sand

April 25, 2014

sweatshirts and sand

(This is a heads up that this post takes place on the beach. Beautiful-but cold-New England salt and sand ahead. You have been warned.)

All dressed up for Easter- why not try and take a Christmas card photo? I'm going to be in Ireland in the fall, so I pat myself on the back for that stellar plan of action!

Also, major thumbs up for cousin pics!
(Sorry, Conor! He's in Ireland now, so no cousin pic for him)

Emma's my little mini-me and I love her. Notice how we both went with sweatshirts over our dresses? Great minds think alike!


We went to stick our toes in the water (it was too cold for anything else). Didn't my Dad get some cool pics of our reflections on the sand?

Outfit time! John started grouching about me doing "blogging things"... yes, and? You complaining about my life choices now? *sigh* brothers.

dress- BB Dakota,  last seen here!

Sweatshirt- old, J.Crew (similar here and here)


Why, hello face! Warn a girl before you take her close up, Hansy!
Glasses- Warby Parker

Now, for some close ups of my accessories!  
Are shoes an accessory? Eh, who knows.
Shoes- Chanel (from eBay, similar here)

Necklace- J.Crew Factory (on sale!)
 So, that's my latest outfit that has warranted pictures! I wore this getup on Easter for celebrating with all the eggs. I can hardly wait until it's warm enough for actual beach day (especially because that will mean that finals are over and summer has commenced!). What are you most looking forward to once warm weather arrives for good?


  1. When I first saw the title I thought it said 'sandcastles in the sand' and I totally had a HIMYM moment! Love this look! have the saMe J. Crew sweatshirt it's the BEST!

  2. ALL THE HIMYM... ahem. the sweatshirt is so comfy and cute, I love it! We're twinning :) Thanks for commenting, love!

  3. Great pictures! I'm so jealous you got to go to the beach. I've been dying to go...

    Also, I love that necklace!

    Once warm weather arrives for good, I'm most looking forward to beach trips and also driving with my windows down all the time, blasting my radio!

  4. P.S. I love your blog name, it's such a creative name!

  5. Super cute post! And I’m glad that J. Crew necklace is on sale! Might. Need. It.

  6. Uhm, let me start by saying I am obsessed with your header. I love you outfit in this post! Especially your shoes omg!

    xoxo - Amanda
    Brunette with a Bow

  7. Love that outfit and necklace! Also, looks like such a beautiful day at the beach (even though it was too cold to go in!)

    Nena |

  8. All the sparkles. Do it! (am I being a bad influence or a good one? Hmmm) Thanks for stopping by and so glad you enjoyed the post!

  9. Thanks Valerie! Ooooh your warm weather wishes are making me want summer RIGHT NOW! Can't wait!

  10. Thanks Nena! It was lovely and feeling the sand between my toes was such a treat after the cold winter we've had! (PS- LOVE your URL!)

  11. Oh my gosh thank you so much! I just re-did my header so that's super nice to hear :) and, of course, compliments on outfits make me feel like I'm actually doing something right ;) so thanks again! Much love!