smilingrid: How Frozen Should Have Ended

June 04, 2014

How Frozen Should Have Ended

So, here's the thing- I love Frozen, my roommates love Frozen, and, if you're like everyone else on this planet, you probably love Frozen. It's an instant Disney classic... and you all know by now that I have no reservations in regards to poking holes in everyone's favorite Disney films! But this time, the poking was done for me! Without further ado, and in honor of Molly's first viewing of this awesome animated film (played before starting our 2nd annual Firefly rewatch!), check out this spectacular How It Should Have Ended Video!

Are you fangirling as hard as I am? Kitty posted this to my Facebook wall because she is an absolute treasure (and knows me really really  well). I then proceeded to grin maniacally and flail extensively. Disney and X-Men fusion? BRING IT ON!

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