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June 03, 2014

Schism: the Battle for Darracia (Book Review)

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
Since I can't leave you guys without summer reads for too long, we've ended one review/giveaway combo and we are starting a new one! Prepare yourselves for Michael Phillip Cash's Schism: the Battle for Darracia!!!
Our tale takes place on the planet of Darracia, where social divide is ever-increasing. Think caste system... and them multiply it to cosmic proportions! The bottom-dwellers (obviously) live on the ground, where they've been banished from the treetops the Quyroo typically inhabit. Above these two levels, the Darracians live in a castle in the sky, flying around on winged horses and fighting with fireplaces that glow red and connect with a warrior's soul.
(ooooh, chills, right?)
The main character is prince V'sair, who feels lost in his mixed-race identity. His parents are opposites- his father comes from Darracia, a planet filled with heat and war and he fell in love with a princess from a watery planet, who can't deal with the heat of the castle. I almost wish we got more of their relationship, as it seems out of the box for the accepted norms... plus, who doesn't love a good romance?
Speaking of romance- some of the others were a bit awkward for me. I can forgive their abruptness and some of the disjointedness because you can't apply human expectations to an alien courtship... but still. The overly sensualized aspects of all shown relationships made me uncomfortable. PLUS, a girl's virginity is practically gifted  AND rape is threatened far too casually by the bad guys (and not even in a horror way, in a "let's give the hero strength" way. grrrr)
But that's pretty much my only gripe with the book! I love the various geeky aspects- I feel some Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Avatar!
Taking place on an alien planet, I literally kept expecting a blue police box on the horizon! It's cool to see the same type of story as Doctor Who, but from the point of view of the people he usually swoops in to interfere with.
Star Wars comes through in the voice of Tulane's grandmother- a Yoda-like figure who knows a LOT but speaks with strange  diction. She's super wise and, seriously kids, listen to "Greanam!"
Avatar shines some light on the blue mama and the rampant spirituality, a deep "mating," and a need for peace.
Schism also incorporates court life at its finest, with royal intrigue and sneakiness. PLUS, it's engaging enough for me to miss my stop on the t! What more could you want? about your own copy?
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