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July 14, 2013


Molly (who was part of the recent Red Sox game crew) and I have reconnected this year over a mutual hatred of the ridiculous extra night class we shared and over a lone tweet in the dark of winter...

A tweet about Joss Whedon's Firefly.

The only thing that could make those stupidly long classes more interesting was whispered conversations about this cult-inspiring show. It's (heartbreakingly) only one season long, but luckily any loose ends were mostly tied up in the following movie, Serenity. Both show and movie are wonderfully eclectic- a mix of old western, space age, medical drama, romance, and awesomeness!

Now, Molly, Kitty and I were a bit three-musketeer-y back in the day... so when we figured out that Kittredge didn't know what we were excitedly talking about, a wonderful plan was born!

Firefly Marathon!

The girls came over around 6PM and we decided to order in. We first thought to call for Chinese (to go along with the show), but my mom wanted to try a new Thai place nearby. Yummy enough for me!

Kitty and Molly hid in their own ways (hugging the pillar or inside of a porch bush) from being in the above picture!

The food was delicious, but the main event was the marathon! 

Molly brought the series while I provided the film! While we weren't able to complete all of the viewing, we are already planning the next segment! Kitty seemed to like it, which was the whole point of the evening... WIN!

We watched into the wee hours of the night armed with goldfish and hot chocolate, until one by one we fell quietly asleep.

How cute are theyyy?

I haven't had a sleepover in forever! And I really couldn't have picked two better people to have one with!

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