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May 27, 2014

disney bash

Here's a little recap for ya!  After the Hoodie Allen concert, time started slowly trickling into my birthday! We walked from campus to IHOP for some midnight pancakes to start my 20th off right. As we were walking, midnight rolled 'round and one of my best friends came up to the front, swung me up into a fireman hold, and started walking backwards while everyone sang "happy birthday!" I pretty much have the best friends ever (and I almost started crying, 'cause I'm a huge baby)!

^pancake pic!^

Brendan drove with me to Party City to get some awesome decorations! He also bought me the HUGE castle balloon... which he didn't realize had a 1 on it. A little sharpie fixed that all up!

You know I already had Pascal, since I AM Rapunzel... plus Halloween

I used Pinterest to look up princess eye tutorials. Whaddaya think?

Laura was Aurora! This picture makes me so happy- it's now the background on my phone and Laura's profile picture! I miss you, my Canadian love!

Ylan didn't get dressed up (boo) but Alex was Hans from Frozen!

...we couldn't just have a normal pic, c'mon.

selfies with James... he might have a bit of a problem... #selfieaddiction

Roomie pics! Megan wore the Ariel shirt Kitty got her for secret Santa and looked super cute, as per usual.

Some of my Appa family showed up! We have Pocahontas, Wendy, Esmeralda and, well, another Pocahontas!

Birthdays are wonderful, aren't they? And so are Disney and pancakes! So, combining the three made only made the most sense. I felt so loved as I turned 20 and know how very blessed I am to have friends who will have this much fun with me! 

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