smilingrid: modstock with hoodie allen

May 20, 2014

modstock with hoodie allen

If you've been with me from the beginning, you know that last year's Modstock at BC featured Macklemore... oh, and that he performed on my birthday! That was an absolute blast!
This year, Modstock's headliner was Hoodie Allen and he performed on May 1st. Some of my boys play guitar and are obsessed with his song "Two Lips," so we were pretty darn  excited to hear it live!

Before we get to the stage, check out our cute roomie pics!

Gatsby said I looked very "cool girl" so here are some outfit diets!
Shirt: Urban Outfitters (similar here)
Flannel: J.Crew (similar here)
Shorts: Urban Outfitters (similar here)

I'm a hugger... Chris? Not so much.

But James is! Love my brotherly figure. So matchy-matchy
also, very matchy...

...and again. All unplanned, believe it or not!

After assembling and snapping some pics, it was off to the mod lot to listen to some tunes!

You guys remember Gatsby and his running of the marathon, right? Look closely at host arm- he burns Boston Strong!

The opening act was a DJ by the assumed name of "Earworm."


Despite his rather off-putting name, he did some really good mixes!

Check out these big grins in or photo-bombed roomie pic as proof!

Plus, girls on shoulders,

arms a wavin,

And crowd surfers galore!
(although, this particular crowd surfer ended up nailing me in the head twice. If I see him in real life, he's going down!)

And then Hoodie Allen showed up!

Hoodie and I were pretty much wearing the same thing- comfy flannel over superhero shirt? Rock on, dude!

Why yes, we will clap along!

A bit of a photo dump, whaddaya think?

He brought three freshmen up on stage for a dance off. The prize? Some signed swag!

This kid was very intoxicated... he literally walked across the stage like this while throwing in some pointing and "make some noise" motions. Needless to say, he didn't win.

She did a little bit better, there were some hip movements and dancing, but not enough to gain her the heart of the crowd.

^hair commercial^

THIS chick! She twerked and wormed and was all around awesome! But even she couldn't compete with our last competitor...

Awesome hat, awesome moves, plus he had an awesome '90s throwback song!

Look at how pleased Hoodie is!

The other froshies cheered him on as he killed the dance floor!

The game was over when he Frisbeed the fedora into the crowd...

...and everyone went nuts!

Everyone went nuts again when Hoodie started "No Interruption!"

For instance, check out all these snapchats and instas!

And three of my favorite people! Chris went ham with the arm movements and knowing allll the words. Delia was up on her boyfriend's shoulders with a sign asking Hoodie to follow her on twitter. Gatsby got to live his dream when Chris lifted him up on his shoulders! Doesn't he look like king of the world?

Have you been to any concerts lately?

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