smilingrid: a college christmas poem

December 21, 2013

a college christmas poem

'Twas a night before finals
and all throughout campus
not a student was sleeping,
not a single one of us!

Taking a break from the studying
for grades to bring home to mom and dad,
those of the gr8man knew
there was a little more fun to be had.

With the room decorated
and presents wrapped and under the tree,
the time for Secret Santa reveal drew near-
all wondering "who has me?"

One by one, Santas were revealed
as presents were unwrapped.
The gifters were guessed based on their presents;
A blanket for Erin, and for Laura, a hat.

Hugs were in abundance,
Christmas spirit was high,
and, as you can see,
our boys were not shy!

Then the girls took their places,
amidst confusion and laughter:
we tried striking poses
but our straight faces did shatter!

"a g8man Christmas card!" someone suggested,
and ran to our RA, who lives down the hall.
She took our pictures, smiling
and wishing a Happy Holidays to all!

So, let me pass on (with my picture and words)-
from my wonderful roommates to you,
we wish you a Merry Christmas 
and a very Happy New Year, too!

I'm not much of a poet (and don't I know it), but this seemed like a fun way to recap our christmas party and card.

Secret Santa was a hit! I got Erin the Pride and Prejudice blanket pictured above, since she shares my obsession with all things Austen. Then, I opened a gorgeous p&p quote necklace! It has Darcy and Lizzie's silhouettes with his declaration, "you must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you" *swoon*  
(side note, my beautiful gift was from my fellow English major friend, Gatsby, who has recently started his own blog! Check it out here!)

Laura actually did get a picture printed (and wrote us individualized little notes. I almost cried when I read mine. That darn lovely Canadian!), so the one of everyone with the words "Merry Christmas" is sitting in a place of honor on my family's mantlepiece! 

I hope this was fun to read, and that you are having a wonderful holidays with your family and friends!

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