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January 07, 2014

princess Ingrid

Forget these winter holidays, I have one that's been waiting patiently in the wings for a while now! 


I dressed up as Rapunzel from Tangled! I bought a Pascal plush/purse thing which I sewed to my strap (he was the perfect height for kisses!). I also tried to make my eyes look bigger and cartoonish using makeup. How'd I do? Did I make a convincing Disney princess?

Me, myself, and I: the many representations of Rapunzel in the gr8man

I wasn't the only Disney themed costume- Megan went as Minnie Mouse while Laura dressed up as Mulan!

We found quite an eclectic group to celebrate with. When else would you see this many different characters all together? Dr. Seuss' Thing One and Two, Cleopatra, a leprechaun...Gotta love Halloween!

This group all lived in my dorm last year! We had a lot of laughs and I know I'm lucky to have been thrown in with them early on. Thanks BC housing!

 Grace and her boyfriend made the most precious Cleopatra and Marc Antony you have ever seen! She also whipped out her snazzy camera for these last three snaps. It's crazy the difference between iPhone and real camera, isn't it? That's also the reason why I had to keep this one until now- Grace took forever to post these. I'm doing the same waiting game with Christmas pictures so keep posted?

What is your favorite Halloween costume of all time? 

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