smilingrid: Back to School with Schick Disposables (Sponsored)

September 01, 2015

Back to School with Schick Disposables (Sponsored)

Happy first week of classes from Boston College and happy geneeral back-to-school frenzy to all! I might just be getting nostalgic and sentimental in my old age - why, HELLO senior year, where did you come from?! - but there's something sp wonderful about back-to-school season, isn't there? You get to go BTS shopping in the craziness of those massive sections labeled with signs like this...

... thank you, Walmart!

And go wandering down aisles not under the BTS umbrella! 

I super out-of-character-ly did not pick up the purple ones??? Senior year, it changes you, man.

I pretty much stocked up for heading back to college but that's a post for another day (specifically, tomorrow). For today, check out the sha-weet Schick Disposable babies that Walmart carries! I've been using/hoarding this AH-mazing Schick re-usable razor since freshman year when someone stole ALL of my other, less awesome ones (those communal bathrooms, though) SO I was wicked excited when I saw that they have a disposable line! Can you say perfect for move-in time? AND for visiting my best friend at her college in New York? Because I can and did, thank you very much!

^preview of the rest of the haul, which I will share tomorrow! There are some crafty bits, which is why I have some lovely little paint pots... and yes, I got two!^

I kept one of these lovelies in my shower at home and another at school while I was bouncing around, back and forth, carrying my life in the back of my car like a turtle (who can drive... I clearly didn't think this analogy through). Basically, the Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razor is made of magic and helped me be all soft and smooth and confident as I'm heading into the craziness that is senior year! I am ready to take on this new stage of my life with this bad boy on my shelf (yup, that wire-y cage-y thing is the bathroom shelf in my senior house! meep, I'm all moved in!!!)

Heads up: yes,
This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Schick®. The opinions and text are all mine.

N/A! I would never (like never ever) recommend something to you that I wasn't obsessed with.

Another Heads up: You know what would make BTS even better? How about $10,000 towards tuition? I thought so! Check out the #SchickSelfieSweeps for a chance to win the moolah and some other cool stuff!

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