smilingrid: Wicked Proud: A Boston Pride Parade Photo Round-Up

June 25, 2015

Wicked Proud: A Boston Pride Parade Photo Round-Up

UPDATE: I posted this riiiight before the Supreme Court announced their amazing, perfect, and amazingly, perfectly correct ruling on gay marriage! Thank whatever and whoever you believe that marriage equality is now law throughout the United States!

As you can probably guess from the many and varied rainbow flags, I went to pride parade! Pride took place last Saturday, June 13th, and went from Copley allll the way to the festival at City Hall Plaza!

I went into the city for the parade with my two favorite goofballs...

...and wanted to leave with two more! How cute are these munchkins!?

Copley was packed! It was really amazing to see so many people out supporting the LGBTQ+ community- and it was all supportive from what I saw! There was just this tangible excitement running through the crowd like a live wire, which I am so thankful to have experienced.

I have never seen so many rainbow (and otherwise-colored) tutus in my entire life! I wish I had done some street style photography, because so many people looked so incredible!

Speaking of incredible- do you see the munchkin on the crosswalk in the front row of this squad? She was absolutely killing it, twirling that baton with the best of them and having the choreo down pat! I definitely couldn't have done all that- sending all the props your way! 

There were a crazy number of groups- we definitely missed some when we changed locations but I can still hardly believe how many we saw! 

Out of all the groups though, I think my favorite was the Hoo Has. With their silvery wings and almost bouncy moves, I kept expecting them to take off!

Then again, there was a Rocky Horror float- they sang the Time Warp and handed out a flier announcing their live shows! Erin and I are planning on going this summer and I cannot wait!

I really hope these two met at some point during the parade!

^tooth fairy for Aspen (maybe?) dental!^

Maybe I shouldn't have been, but I was pretty surprised by how many companies/brands had sections in the parade! I was even more surprised by how many church groups were marching- basically, the whole day gave me the warm fuzzies towards humanity! We ended up with so many random freebies from both surprising groups mixed in with our rainbow bracelets and beads for the funniest mix of stuff you've ever seen! 

Ummm can I take this car home with me #pleaseandthankyou

^I've actually seen this on the highway so it made me really happy to see it on a float!^

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Let me leave you with some of my favorite signs of the day! Ranging from super poignant to chuckle-worthy, marchers got really into their signage (and so did I!).

Have you been to a Pride celebration in your city?

PS- my JORD watch got pride-ified (prideful?) while we were there! Full outfit post for Pride parade to come next Tuesday!


  1. I'm so jealous! I was all set to go, outfit and everything, when my aunt invited me to a Dave Matthews Band concert... but I'm glad you had fun!

    1. Hi Julia! It was an amazing day- bummer you missed it but YAY for Dave Matthews!