smilingrid: festival fashion meets pride parade

June 30, 2015

festival fashion meets pride parade

As promised in last week's recap of Boston's Pride Parade, here's what I was wearing on that ridiculously awesome day!

Has anyone else been bombarded with festival fashion lately? It feels like every social media platform is saturated with beautiful (and sometimes odd) boho looks. I decided to ride that trendy wave and this here outfit is the result! 

You guys know me- if it's high-waisted, I'm probably low key obsessed with it! These shorts date back to the dawn of my love affair with higher cuts, which explains their minimal rise.

I paired my denim shorties with one of the black tanks from Negative Underwear. Given the name, you can guess their primary focus. I have a slew of bras from this company- honestly, nothing else has felt as comfortable since the first time I slipped on my very first albatross demi bra *solitary tear*

Happily, their tees live up to this promise of comfort! I bought the mynx low-arm tank when Negative launched their nude line... Honestly, when your bras are this pretty, you want to show them off!

Accessories: sunglasses from Bonlook, watch c/o JORD, necklaces from Crew Cuts and a stall, respectively, thrifted purse and belt, and some good old fashioned converse!

Well, normally. Sticking with the festival theme, I decided to wear a tribal patterned bandeau from Brandy Melville! It's super soft and a great pattern... but between the bandeau and my varied straps, I ended up with the weirdest tan lines ever!

Of course, with one bae taking the pictures, the other needed to be in some!

Pretty sure we're cute!

Yay for festivals! Yay for friends! But, most of all, YAY for Pride!

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