smilingrid: Erin's Mix-less Margaritas

June 14, 2015

Erin's Mix-less Margaritas

It is my first summer as a 21-year-old and, as such, I am trying to find cool/refreshing/icy and especially delicious drinks to whip up in our kitchen! To start us off on this path, Erin's sharing her dad's easy-peasy margarita recipe!

^yeah, this cutie!^ 

You'll only need three ingredients for this delicious recipe: frozen limeade, a beer (we used Corona, but any will do!), and tequila!

1. We started off with ice as a base to make it more blended than on the rocks.

2. Throw your limeade into the blender, but keep the can! You'll use it as a measuring device.

3. Fill the can about half-way with the tequila (or more or less, depending on your tastes!) and add it to your blender.

4. Use half a bottle of your beer (or another half can limeade measurement if you're using canned beer).

5. Blend it all up!

Enjoy the deliciousness!

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