smilingrid: smilingrid does youtube (and a new site design!)

June 30, 2015

smilingrid does youtube (and a new site design!)

Two posts in one day?! Lucky you guys! If you follow me on any and all social media platforms (>>they're riiiight over there if you don't yet!>>), you've probably seen this already, BUT! Smilingrid is expanding- I am trying this youtube thing and here's a cute little teaser to correspond with the beautiful new design Rosie installed today! 

Let me know what you think about either or both of today's big changes- comment here or on youtube, tweet me, comment on facebook, drop me an ask on tumblr, comment on instagram, send me an email, or, I don't know, send me a carrier pigeon! Basically, I'd just really love to hear from you :)

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