smilingrid: kicking summer off right with Preeline, Moxie, and Drizly!

May 21, 2015

kicking summer off right with Preeline, Moxie, and Drizly!

I'm convinced that I've discovered the best way to kick off the summer: fashion, drinks, and great company- all three of which were present in excess sat the recent Boston Bloggers event with Preeline, Moxie, and Drizly!

^that's me! (and, by association, my darling roomie Erin who came along as my plus one!)^

Upon walking in, we were greeted by Preeline and Moxie reps with these super fun, light-up rings! 

I was invited to this awesome Boston Bloggers event by Emily, who is part of the Preeline team! Preeline is an online platform that let's you (yes, you!) peek behind the scenes and see clothes, accessories, and, yep, shoes before they hit stores! It's a bit like the clothes side of pinterest...but better because you're building your ideal closet out of items that haven't even been released yet! Because this digital age is inherently social, you can see what other influencers and/or bloggers are loving. By using Preeline to tell brands what works and what really doesn't in their previews, we hold the power to influence what goes into stores- how cool is that?! If this sounds like something you'd be obsessed with (hint: it should), you can sign up for Preeline here

Moxie is the world's cutest boutique in the heart of Beacon Hill! The lovely lady in red smiling at you is the owner, Karen Fabbri. She not only has impeccable taste (no seriously, scroll through these pictures and try not to get closet envy), she creates this incredible atmosphere within the store! I've found that boutiques can often take themselves a bit too seriously- there might be a little wary glaring as you try on some designer heels, you know the type! This is emphatically NOT the case at Moxie!

Moxie really keeps a small town feel, despite being smack dab in the middle of Boston. For example, I told Karen how much I adore these Kate Spade slingback and she had the funniest story about a mom and daughter duo who came in and argued over whose size they would buy! Go in and ask her about them, there's no way I could do the story justice in type! 

Her other advice about these glittery bad boys? That you don't need to find a dress in order to buy the shoes- build your outfit from the ground up! Like her tagline says on the Moxie website says: high heels (sparkly or no!) aren't just for special occasions, instead, they make every day occasions feel special!

Can I just say that girlfriend was born to own a store like Moxie? And she does such a great job!

Who could resist not one, but TWO actual walls of shoes?! Someone get me the number of Moxie's decorator!

I think it's an unwritten rule that, if there are bloggers around, no one is safe from a candid!

The event's drinks were sponsored by Drizly, your new favorite app (if you're 21+)! Why, you ask? well...

Yeah, it's an app that will deliver alcohol to you! Especially key for those nights when you're already in your PJs, the romcom is at the ready, and all you really need is a glass of wine!

Plus they just have the cutest merch!

Erin and I both recently turned twenty-on! Cheers for that, amirite?!

Remember what I said about candids? Not even safe while browsing!

After much oohing and ahing and some mingling, our hostesses took the floor to thank us all for coming out and give a little history on the partnership- apparently Emily grew up around Beacon Hill and has shopped at Moxie since forever! Back to that small town feel in the middle of a city- Karen personally told her how proud she and the Moxie fam are of her and everything Preeline is doing. can you say, "awwww!"

After this rather touching address, it was over to the Photo Booth  with all of us bloggers!

With props like these, who needs normal pictures?!

Kisses, darlings!

Something I am lacking in my shoe basket is the ultimate summer staple: a pair of flip flops! I have no idea where my previous pair have disappeared to, so I took advantage of Moxie's 20% off for the event and delved in!

But with baskets upon shelves of options, however shall I choose?

Erin documented the whole epic search, but I shall spare you the many shots of me playing Cinderella and skip to the final choice...

What can I say? I'm a sucker for polka dots!

Let me leave you with the Moxie Manifesto:

"Moxie is a place where we see the world in Purple, where we believe anything is possible...

...where we dream big and dress fabulously, where we don't shy away from fashion but don't fall prey to the whims of the day...

...where grown ups play dress up!" 

I do so love playing dress up! Speaking of which, I shall have an outfit post for this event ready to go ASAP (I promise, I'm going to get back on a regular posting schedule!)

How do you start summer off on the right foot

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