smilingrid: Blogging in Boston: looking forward to summer in this city

May 27, 2015

Blogging in Boston: looking forward to summer in this city

There's something really fun about taking outfit pictures in the city- I've only gotten to a few times, so it feels like a special occasion when I get to share some good old Boston charm!

walk with me!

Luckily, this summer is going to be full of special occasions! I'm living in an apartment just off campus with some of my closest friends (most of whom are now 21!) and working in the city! 

Can you feel my excitement? I've been just about vibrating out of my skin and I think it show in an increased number of exclamation points :P

Erin came with me to the Moxie, Preeline, and Drizly event that preceded these photos, so I was still grinning from that... in addition to the general happy anticipation I've been feeling whenever I think about this summer!

...some of that could just be the spinning, though?

I last wore this dress for my brother's graduation from high school! This free people number is basically two dresses, connected around the neckline. Other than the surprising amount of difficulty I have putting it on- seriously, so much- this dress is a favorite! 

It's both super light AND weighed down by the intricate beading. I don't know how that contradiction works, but I dig the result!



Hope you're looking forward to summer as much as I am!

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