smilingrid: the breakfast club

April 16, 2015

the breakfast club

Do you ever unintentionally make pop culture references? I make plenty intentionally, but sometimes books/shows/films that I'm absolutely in love with sneak into my daily life when I least expect them... in my outfits! Imagine one fist in the air and I am transformed into Bender from The Breakfast Club!

(with maybe a pinch of Brian the brain because of superhero love and sunnies-wearing)

Sunglasses- Bonlook
Jacket- Lucky Brand
Flannel- J.Crew
Jeans- Hollister (last seen on the beach!)
Shoes- converse

in other news, all this snow has since melted! Guess who has gotten to wear skirts for the past week? THIS ecstatic girl!


on another different note, my roommate is pretty much the greatest photographer ever. Yes, I might be a wee bit biased, but the pics she takes always end up being my faves! Boston bloggers- if you're looking for an amazing and natural photographer, leave me your info in the comments and I'll hook you guys up!

What references do you find yourself making, intentional or not?

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