smilingrid: black and white and red (haired) all over

March 27, 2015

black and white and red (haired) all over

Before spring break, I woke up to a text from my mom saying that she'd bought me a new skirt for my first night home dinner- gotta love random surprises!

It's quite long, so I wear it very high-waisted. For dinner out, I paired it with similarly monochromatic pieces like my black and gray ruffled sweater and my super soft jersey infinity scarf! 

The "red (haired) all over" bit from the title comes from henna-ing my hair! It'd washed out a bunch here, leaving me a light ginger color (pretty different from the last outfit post, huh?)! 

This is not the last you'll see of this here skirt! It's super comfortable and quite flattering- I've already taken another round of photos with my dad for another post! Those'll have to wait a while, though... wouldn't want you guys to think I'm an outfit repeater! The horror!

Anywho, on a different note, some of my favorite souvenirs from studying abroad make up my newly minted ring collection! This bunch come from Ireland and Scotland- don't they look cool paired with essie's "no place like chrome?"

I can't wait until it's actually skirt season! No more pants, please! 

what are you most looking forward to in spring?

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