smilingrid: we're off to SEE the blizzard

February 02, 2015

we're off to SEE the blizzard

Dunno if you heard, but snowmageddon kinda hit Boston last week.

Wait, zoom out.

Theeeereeee it is!

It snowed for over 48 hours! That much snowfall makes me practically giddy!

At some points, the snowdrifts reached my hipbones! That and the extremely low temperatures made for the perfect layering conditions!

And I am talking the cozies layers known to my closet! my favorite flannel ever snuggled under my biggest, most decadent second hand cashmere sweater.

Yeah, it might not be the most flattering, but I think I rock it with my happiness!

Now here come the various bits and pieces, zooming in!

This is my new favorite Boston College colored hat from Galway! I also won a gift card towards the awesome glasses (and the "see" part of the title) I'm sporting in these photos. I'll do another post about the frames and BonLook later!

I stacked my two charm bracelets around my mother's hand-me-down dual-toned pearl bracelet!
On a different note, this is quite possibly the preppiest photo I've ever taken?

Only the snowiest of bean boots! They are honestly the most worn shoes in any New Englander's winter closet. Such a beautiful staple *sigh*

I'm going to leave you here with this outtake. Look at how deep the snow gets up by the wall! It's also getting taller as we speak- snopocalypse round 2 is hitting as I type! Happy snow day, Boston!

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